May 31, 2013


I cant seem to be able to form any words. Be it from my mouth, my brain or my fingers. So many thoughts, so many words I wanna speak but when I wanna type it out or say it out my mind goes blank. haih. Bye.

May 25, 2013


Hola from sunny Singapore!

I've finally moved in & this means I dont have to wake up so damn early for school anymore!!! TvT used to wake up at 5.30am for a 9am class now I can sleep until 7.45am :D Happy kid iz happy haha.

Ok la, tbh, I quite miss my house already. Thank God I brought my pillow & blanket or else I think I confirm cannot sleep sia.

Ahhh, gonna unpack my clothes, wash up & lay in mah bed now.

May 22, 2013


Hello lovelies!

If you are following me on Instagram and/or Twitter (both @felindabling) and/or if you are my friend on Facebook, you must know that I went room hunting in Singapore last Saturday.

The news is, Yes. I found the perfect room for me & my roommate (and classmate). Her name is Ming Fang and she goes to the same church as me (coincident no?!!!). Nope, I'm not telling you where I'm staying cause I dont want my private life to be interfered. hehehe, only my close friends will know! (:

Anw, my landlord is an old couple and their house is biggggg (considered big in Singapore cause their land is small). They have a big living room and 3 bedrooms. Imagine. Big? Haha. I'm moving this coming Saturday. I'm quite excited about this cause I can finally not wake up so damn early for school TvT. wake up for 5.30am for a 9am class ahh. Now I can wake up at 7.45am or even 8am :'D So happy but as the same time, I'm worried that I will be homesick. Well even if so, I can still go home anything though hahaha :p kidding, i'll be wasting money.

Before I go, here is a picture of my face in case you forgot.

And Miss Sunflower cause I was looking for a nice old photo of me (I look fulgy & cui right now fml) and I found this and I suddenly miss her and my secondary school friends. OH I saw honey that day, bee is coming back from KL soon! Was hoping to meet her but I need to move to Sg :/ next time lahh since she said she'll be coming back every month (siao!)

PS: follow me on Twitter for more regular updates and Instagram for my OOTD as well as my almost daily life and mood! (:

May 21, 2013

Mother's Day

I'm sooooo sorry for not posting this post on Mothers Day as promised! I thought I already scheduled it and turns out I did not. It was in drafts all along. SO SORRY TO THOSE WHO WERE WAITING! ): I have a bad memory, please forgive me..

Mothers' Day is a special day dedicated to all mothers on earth. A day where mothers expect to receive extra love and care and maybe some thoughtful little gifts as an appreciation gift. Some people may celebrate by buying some special present for their mothers, some may go out and have a nice meal, some people, like me who are really busy and tight budget (is that even the right word? ok idc.) right now wants to give some stuff to our lovely mommies because we love them so much.

My momma is a lovely lady who I nomu nomu nomu saranghae. She deserves more than what I gave her but for now, thats all I can give and I think she'll appreciate it very much.

TBH (to be honest), this was a super last minutes present cause I have totally forgotten it was Mothers Day that week...

Anw, I dont have photos of the process cause I was doing it secretly and my mom was just downstairs or next door, I dont really remember and I was so afraid of her suddenly coming in and saw what was I doing /.\ but it's really really simple and I guess you all are smart enough to understand without the photos of the process right? (;

  1. Choose the colours that you like or rather, she likes, or even, you think she likes LOL
  2. Cut the A4 pieces into 4 pieces (fold into half and into another half)
  3. Punch 2 holes at the side or top of the paper. 
  4. Write what you love about her. Anything also can! Just random stuff will do. Examples will be shown in the below pictures.
  5. Decorate (optional)
  6. Decorate the front page (:
  7. Using a ribbon or string, tie up the papers together.

And you're done! :D

 Bye! :D

*again, terribly sorry for the delay ):

May 8, 2013



I know I haven't been a good blogger this year. So busy recently. If you have been following me on instagram and/or twitter (both @felindabling), you'll know what I've been busy with. If not, *stares*!

Hahaha, nevermind I'm in good mood now so I forgive you. Anyway, i've been busy making house models and tracing ABCs with pencils and pens and now tracing objects.. Also doing projects on architectural buildings and stuff.. 

BUT even though I am very busy, I'm really happy cause I have 3 silly good friends in poly. I still remember being worried of not gonna get any friends but now, I got 3 really close ones and some others generally nice people who I don't think can call my friends cause we never really really talk hehe. but still. Basically most people are nice. Week 4 now & I still feel the urge to wake up at 5.30am every morning to go to school :D

Stayed back in school to do some projects and ended up taking photos on Joy's laptop haha. Show you all some ya. hehehe

Some are really unglam so cannot show. This one really I laugh until got stomach ache and tears. Super long never laughed like that lor. Joy, Xiao Hui & Eunice say first time seeing me laugh like that. LOL

If you were to ask me if I am tired of traveling in and out of singapore everyday, I'd say yes. 
But if you were to ask if I want to change school, my answer would defenitly be a big fat NO!!!

Cause I finally found what I love. I love design school. I love these people who are so much alike with me. The way they think and other stuff. They don't judge me by what I say or how I act. They are real and I just thank God a lot that I have them and gonna have them for the next 3 years.

DISCLAIMER: Not that I hate my secondary school friends horr!

Anyway, we're going to clark quay tomorrow for photography class! Quite excited but too bad Joy will not be joining us as we are not in the same gsm. This stupid girl go choose super boring consumer lifestyle instead of coming to this with us. Now she has to go alone! hahaha. But nevermind, we gott Geradine and Cherrie! <3