Nov 29, 2014


Goodness gracious me.
It has been awhile my fellow people.

I had been so caught up with my real life that I haven't been updating this space.
So, someone asked me what have I been busy with?

Well, my answer is same old same old. School. Assignments. Traveling to and fro Malaysia. Which now has been a thing for me to do to go back once in alternate weeks unless something happens/needs to be done. It's fast how I passed 6 weeks in school already, I think it's 6 weeks, I cannot be sure but ugh it doesn't matter. Compared to last sem, I'm really quite free right now tbh so I'm not complaining, but really. I can't wait for my break to come. Only two weeks but it doesn't matter because it's the christmas season! :D hehehe. I cannot wait for chirstmas and countdown! But after that it'll be like the most hectic days already! 4th term and soon I'll be in Year 3 and then I either have my internship first of studio first. I do hope I get my internship first cause I really don't wanna die being and intern and having to do my FYP - final year project. With the time management I've having right now. I cannot be sure if I would be able to breathe hahahaha

ANYWAY. It's such a lovely saturday and I've actually planned to go to my site for observation but alas, it's raining so probably tomorrow if it doesn't rain. Oh as you guys may know, I recently permed my hair and now my hair condition is so so so bad. It's so so so dry!!! The perm came out nice although I have to sleep with my hair tied every night if not my curls will be there but not there, kinda ugly ): I can't wait for the photoshoots to be over so I can cut off my damaged hair. I had really wanted to cut my hair short but I keep procrastinating until now it's so long, I really cannot bear cutting it off. But now, with these horribly damaged curls, I can finally give myself a reason to cut it off hahaha.

I've been obsessed with Pretty Little Liars recently and I open a few tabs and load a few at a time so in case I need to bring my comp to school and I'm bored, I can watch them cause it's all loaded. hehehe, anyway, gonna watch now then probably do my ppt slides tmw in school. Cannot do anything at home. kbye!

Nov 10, 2014



It's been awhile since I last posted something, I know.
Today I guess I'm just gonna be talking about random stuff.

I just came back from JB and it was so so so hectic. The bus was so late today!!! I waited for like 45 minutes at the JB custom bus stop and people were like sardines squishing and pushing. But it wasn't as bad as it is at the SG custom on the way back to Malaysia on Friday evenings. Friday evenings are the craziest because it's really no law there. People just thick-skinly cut queues and when you scold them, some pretend not to hear, some tells you 'my friend is in front' and continues squeezing in and some nicer people would apologize and tries to queue behind you. I'm not sure if any of them walks all the way back to the end of the line but well, as long as you don't cut in front of me, I don't really care.

Today was just plain hectic. It has been quite some time since I went back at this hour. Normally I try to reach the customs but latest 7.30pm but today, it was a last minute decision to go back to SG. I actually planned to just straight go to school in the morning tomorrow because my sister's family would be coming over to my house for dinner and I scared that they'll leave late and I might need to leave early like last time. and not have any family time at all ): but I guess because of the baby, they needed to leave early and hence, dinner finished early. It was only like 7.30pm when they left, so I decided, hey, maybe I should just go back SG now, then tomorrow I have more time to sleep hahaha so yeah, I'm now back in SG, in my lovey bed, typing all these hahaha

Last week had been such a busy week too! Studio was just a plain bitch, so many of us stayed up all night doing it. US doesn't include me because sitting on the bed + rain at night is just a plain disaster for a white night. I simple CANNOT let go of the chance to snuggle in my bed on a rainy night so, yeah hahahaha. Laziness got the better of me. Stayed back a few nights and had a lot of Mcd's ); so so so unhealthy but it's the only choice in school. Wait, there wasn't even a choice goddamnit! hahahahaha.

But even though ii said it was real tiring, i survived hahahah

OH last last week we had a halloween party in school and t was so much fun! hahaha, it was actually my first time joining school events and halloween events. I got myself a scary make up, which everyone thought it wasn't scary ): they all thought i'm pretty/cute haih faillllllll


Welcome to my wedding hall. Nothing fancy, please don't mind.

Me and my husband LOL.

hmm, trying hard to think what else happened last week. such goldfish memory...

I went to hello kitty town in johor! the 40th anniversary, with Kim because she won the tickets from ifeel magazine hahaha. had always always wanted to go but always never been able to go so now I finally went, I saw MY MELODY and i was a dream came true!!! It was such  magical moment i felt like I was quite up to see EUNHYUK or err myy first crush hahahaha I was so so excited and happy to meet her I feel like hugging her home but i think the person inside would freak out and judge me hahahaha


After spending like 2 hours inside, we went out to the flea market for some shopping.
Will blog about this in a separate post cause too may to tell!!! hahahaha

I'm suppose to be doing ppt slides that's due tomorrow night.
My favourite Monday is coming yayyy.
I know many people hate monday but tbh, I think the best school day is actually monday, maybe cause the lessons are just CHILL hahahaha