Mar 30, 2013


I have so much on my mind right now idk where to start or how to start.
I think I will seperate them in different posts.

But first of all, I wanna know what are your opinions about sex before marriage?
Yes or No?


Mar 22, 2013


HI. You all must be wondering how I did for SPM. I can only say it's not very satisfying.
Nope, I'm not sad. Just a wee bit disappointed. But it's okay. At least I passed & the results are all better than my trial exam results. Also, I have A+ (;

One must learn to be contented. Nothing can be changed. I can only accept the fact.

Anyway has been really busy these few days. I finally sent out all the application for the polytechnics. For your information, I am taking Product design. If you don't already know. What is product design about? Basically, the name said it all. Design products LOL. Go google it if you wanna know more k. 

Just a short update because my Microsoft Words crashed & I'm waiting for it to recover...

Oh btw, my portfolios are all done.
Nope, not gonna show cause I'm lazy to watermark/take photos of them.

CBC WMM Camp next week! Might schedule some posts if I am free to do so before I go. Might post using my phone if I can connection & time.

Lastly, congratulations to SSI (my school, yay) for getting sekolah terbaik (best school) again for SPM. Congratulations to everyone who got the results they wanted or more than they expected. For those who are disappointed like I am, don't worry, SPM is not everything. All the best for my juniors ya, hahahahahahaha *evil laughter* (you all know what I mean)


Mar 19, 2013


NAH, for those kepoh caring people who asked how is my portfolio going & what have I done.

I watermarked everything just in case anyone came across this post & decides to steal my artwork & photos.

FYI, I need 10 artworks. There are 7 here.
I am still working on one which is photoshopping & creating my own QR code.
Another are photos I took during vacations which I have yet to decide which photo to use.
Last one, I'm still thinking what to do. Might be another colour calligraphy..

That's it ok. Stop asking /.\
You're welcome.

Mar 17, 2013

Lynette's 18th

Block F-01-07 & F-01-08 Jalan Harmonium 24/2 Taman Desa Tebrau Johor Bahru Johor, 81100 Johore Bahru, Malaysia
(shops next to tebrau city)

I quite like this place cause there's not many people & the food looks quite nice.
The waiter & waitresses seems quite nice too.
They came quickly to wipe our table when someone spilled over their drinks.
Also, they didn't mind when we laughed or talked too loudly or walked here & there & everywhere.

Yes, I will certainly go there again.
I rate 9/10. Can't rate 10 cause it's too far from my house hahaha.


I'll only post photos cause I doubt anyone will want to see boring text haha

I took these for them.

& I got this after many many tries...

It's ok. Here photos from my phone are all here. Now posting photos taken by other people.

- END -