Mar 8, 2013

My Life

Yes, the part 2 of my rants.

Whoever that saw my emotional / want-to-die twitter, stop asking me already.
Here is the full version of everything.

1. Preparation for college.
(The main problem)

Everyone. Literally everyone. Cannot stop asking me how is my preparation for my future. It's all different people so I must repeat myself again & again & again & again. I think I have repeated for 100 times this year. Especially to uncles & aunties (parents' friends or friends' parents). Then some of my friends that are older than me are also asking me. Examples of questions they ask, my answers & what do I think when answering. So in the future if anyone wants to ask me about this, I will ask them to read this post. Thanks.

1. What are my plans for the future?
Study, then work. LOL
I wanna get married to a rich old bachelor & get all his money when he die & then marry the person I love & live happily ever after with our kids & butcher & 10 maids.

2. Why am I not studying?
Waiting for SPM results
Why are you rushing me? I want to enjoy myself for 6 months can? -.-

3. Do I plan to continue studying?
Of course!
Nahhhh, I wanna go be a kpop star.

4. Which course am I taking?
First choice is product design. Second is baking.
Dance/Theaters/Modelling/Air Stewardess. Parents dont let only ):

5. Where am I going?

6. Which college am I entering?
Lasalle, hopefully. If cannot then NAFA lor, still cannot then SP. If baking then Shatec only.
I study which college has anything to do with you ah?

7. Studying for how long?
3 years for diploma
Walao why you so kepoh

8. What is the studying cost?
23k SGD???
I dunno la, you wanna sponsor?

9. Do I plan to go in & out of SG everyday?
Yes. Cheaper.
HELL NO LA NOT TIRED MEH WTF but no money what to do? -.-

10. Will I be applying for TG?
DUH, if not you sponsor???

11. Am I able to get TG?

12. What if I can't get this course?
Study interior design ba.
Then I got very good excuse to take the dance diploma heehee

13. Do I have a back up plan if I cant get into Singapore's colleges?
Go to Sunway JB or find school in KL lor.

14. Have I started preparing?
.... until I wanna die & go crazy already.

15. What have I prepared?
Not much leh.
Why? You wanna help me is it?

16. When is the interview?
After April...? About that time I guess.
Why are you even asking about this? -.- 

17. Are you ready?
I guess?

Okay. Something like that.. I don't understand why they have so many questions to ask! How much is the fee also want to know. You want to pay for me is it??? Ya la ya la I know I sound very mean in my brain but hor, imagine repeating your answers for idk how many times. Seriously annoying you know. Why they must know! Why so kepoh. Ya la you care. Care about your own kids la. They might be even clueless than me. wtf. Thank you for concerning ah but please stop asking me. I'm very pissed off already cause after answering all the question confirm 100% plus chop they will say.

"Ok, all the best yah. Do your parents proud & work hard. Prepare well for your interview then can get TG alrdy."

There's no need for you to tell me all those.
I'm not dumb enough to want to fail my interview or not get that TG
And I want to do my parents proud more than anything else.
You say that meaning I have never tried or what? Thats why you have to tell me to do so?

~ ~ ~

Nope. I am not done about this topic yet. I have already applied for Lasalle's product design for diploma. BUT my mom very kan cheong. Now she ask me to apply for all the polytechniques in SG & NAFA (&Shatec). Ok, fine. More work. But you know what? Looking for that freaking application form is NOT EASY!!! I have no idea why must they say "you can enroll online" but there are no freaking "application form" FTS. Why are you making this so hard for international students? Just put a link on "steps to enroll" lah! Then, don't need a freaking ID to see that stupid form. I only want that form, I don't want to sign up for your school's ID wtf. I'm not even 100% I can be your student! Ugh.

So now. For all the colleges, I need to google for it, ie: "NAFA online application form" then 3216275387239 links will come out & nope, it's definitely not the first few links. It's always gonna be full of unrelated links to stupid websites & when you finally found it, HAHAHA PLEASE INSERT YOUR ID & PASSWORD TO ENTER.


2. Driving.

Driving is driving me crazy. I really don't like how my instructor does stuff. 1st, he never told me that I need to bring a photo along during my theory lesson so he can make my L license. 2nd, he told me I could learn driving last Wednesday & I asked if I need to pass my photo to him on that day? Can I still learn driving on that day? He said yes. 3rd, when he came on Wednesday he told me I couldn't learn how to drive because my L license is not done yet. I have to pass him that photo to put into the license. 4th, he said he'll call me to tell me when the license is done then I can learn how to drive. 5th, it's been a week. He hasn't called me yet.

Ok, I'm aware I could have called him myself to ask but I was really busy & I didn't have time to go to learn driving so it's okay. But he should at least call me to tell me if the license is done or not.

Ugh. My mom asked me once every few days when am I going to complete my driving lessons so that I can quickly drive (as in getting a driving license in a shorter time, not speed, in case someone don't get it). I don't know. I'm not really really interested in driving but since my parents are so enthusiastic about this, I figured I might as well do it but they don't get it that I wanna do it slowly & not rush everything.. Ahhhh, I don't even know why am I bothered by this. But it just does.

3. Church kids department training camp & high praise.

I'm in charge of the actions. In case you all don't know. My church has many different departments & I'm in the kids (I know, I know, I'm just stuck) department. Basically my whole family is in the kids department so there's no running away especially when le mom is the co-head.

So, high praise (basically you can call it a concert for kids to praise God) is coming soon & we're all busy preparing for it. As I said, I am in charge of the actions so common sense (?) Kids are full of energy so of course their songs must have actions. & yeah. The responsibility to think of the actions fell on me. I have a few songs to think of & heck no. They are not easy to think because it just like thinking of dance choreographs. For kids. So it cant be too hard because it's not a performance. Ahhh, why am I even explaining. I'm sure many of you don't understand this.

So, the summary is. I have to think of many songs actions & my brain is exploding because Youtube is not helping me.

4. Him.

It's simple. We quarreled. And patched up. And quarreled again. And patch up. And quarreled.
Please. Don't ask what because it's too personal.

5. I'm busy.

I'm just busy. I don't know with what. I just felt that I am really busy but I'm not really doing anything. But I'm too busy to even watch Running Man or stretch or train my abs.

6. I'm tired.

So thats all for now. Explainations accepted? No? GTFO & GFY. Thanks. The baby is crying again. I'm going bonkers soon.

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