Feb 19, 2014

fickle mindedness

So I went from searching about fashion studies to watching victoria's secret fashion shows and to jouetie touchme fashion show.

I'm super fickle minded.
I cannot decide if I want fashion merchandising or fashion design.
After a year in Interior design, I think I finally know what I want.
It all now depends on if I have money to pay for my school fees if I really change course.

I need to find out.
This is my life.
I need to get a grip and find out what I really what and stop wasting my life away.

omg I really wanna become a victoria's secret angel.

I kid you. Or am I not?

Feb 7, 2014


I can't wait for the holidays to be here.
2 more weeks.

Feb 5, 2014


If you noticed, haha. I changed my layout again...
I think I still like it plain and white, hahaha.

Anyway, I left with this week to do 6 assignments omg.
So this might be the last post for these 2 weeks.

Also, I found some old photos of me hahaha
I think these are taken in 2011/2012 like that..
When I had my waist length hair ):

Recently someone told me about this Facebook account. He/She is pretending to be me, with the name and photos and caption that he/she stole mostly from my blog and some from my own account. He/She also blocked me thinking I wouldn't know about the existance of this account. I was pissed off by the word of his/hers saying that that is the official account and please don't be cheated by others. WHAT. YOU ARE THE FAKE ONE. I was pissed off. Yes, I was. I even felt like closing down my facebook account and quit blogging altogether but then I think again and realized I should just ignore him/her. Obviously he/she adores me so much that he/she wants to be me. True friends/readers/followers will know what is real cause I don't ffreaking speak philipino hello? hahaha. Pathetic & no life & too much time on hand, thats what the faker is. So, conclusion is I cannot be bothered. I will not trouble any of you to report that account but if you want, here is the link. THAT IS NOT ME. I'm certainly not in a relationship with any sort of guy who has a weird facebook name please -.- Also, I will not stop blogging or delete my account just because of fakers.

Gotta go, I'm so sleepy already...

xx :3

/old photo too!/

Wassup bruther.
Happy 21st!
Wishing you the same thing as I whatsapped you.
Please stop bullying me already...
Congrats on getting taller, you're welcome (;

Ok bai.