Apr 5, 2013

What is gwiyomi?

So.. Everyone has been doing that gwiyomi thingy & I don't know what came over me. I actually followed the trend and did one. But before that, some people may be asking, what exactly is gwiyomi and why is it such a hot thing recently???

The answer is. It's a cute korean song and it is cute. End.

HAHA kidding.
Gwiyomi (also known as kiyomi) is a cute and sweet song about a korean girlfriend's love for her boyfriend and wants him to promise that they will be together forever, ending the song with 6 kisses. The 'ildeo hagi ileon gwiyomi' , 'ideo hagi ineun gwiyomi' ~~~~~ part means 1+1=gwiyomi , 2+2=gwiyomi and so on until 6, hence the hand gestures of 1 - 6. It is sung by a korean singer Hari but she never got famous singing this until IIhoon (BtoB rapper) started singing this song in a variety show called 'Diary Many' with his own hand gestures. After he did that, a few more kpop singers started singing this song with the hand gestures and the song quickly became famous in Korea.
(CR to myfatpocket)

However, I still dont know how can such a long ago song suddenly became famous here...

You can see the english and romanized lyrics here!

ANYWAY, before I show mine
here is some cute version (at least I think so, I don't care if you think I am bias) of gwiyomi by kpop stars & some other people!

(or you can just scroll down and find mine)

(start at 0.35)

OK, prepare for mine.

You sure you wanna see it?

Seriously, it's not nice.

Confirm ma???


Here is it.

Ugh. Looking so awkward. I think I took at least 100 trials before I got the most ok one. I cannot say it's perfect but it's okay. LOL :/ I actually didn't plan to make a video but only a photo but ugh me & my big mouth. I captioned my latest profile picture with '100 likes and I will post a video of me doing gwiyomi' without thinking because my photos don't really get more then 50 now. But ugh who knows. The likes went up to 174 (now got 209 #humblebrag) ~.~ These people ahh. I don't know is my photo really that nice or they just wanna see another gwiyomi. Anyway here is the video in case you're not my facebook friend.

I got 240 likes and 16 shares for a stupid video #humblebrag

and here is the photo of me doing gwiyomi that got 123 likes (now 167 likes #humblebrag again) hehe

am I cute? LOL kidding, don't puke. I know I'm not.
bye! (:

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