Apr 11, 2013


I say swag, you say check (;


Just came back from Nanyang Polytechnic School of Design Freshmen Orientation (phew, what a mouthful).
Woke up at freaking 5.45am today cause I have to reach by 9am.
Sadly, this will be the time that I need to wake up and maybe ever earlier everyday starting from next Monday.
And yes, it's confirmed. Finally confirmed, that I will be studying Space & Interior Design (SID) in Nanyang Poly! (: I got the offer letter on 8th April & I'm reporting on first day of school on 15th April. Mad rush I tell you (next time).

Anyway, the orientation was fine. Better than I thought it would be. I got friends and I wasn't late.
More details in next post cause I'm very sleepy nao! hehe.
Goodnight (;

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