Apr 1, 2013

Camera Is Love


Hi everyone, so I got invited to Casio Office in Singapore that day to get this EXILIM camera to make a review on it. No, it's not the 自拍神机 TR150/ZR1000 la. It's EX-ZR700! The ZR series (: 

Ok. You all must be thinking, Wah your blog so terror meh? Can get to review a camera??? Hahaha. How I got to review on this camera, I want to thank MrStyleKing for tweeting about it & asking who is interested in getting sponsored a camera and his very kawaiii girlfriend Zerika for contacting me (: As I was saying, I saw the tweet & I since I was contemplating if I should buy a compact camera at that time, I tried my luck & KABOOM. I was chosen & invited. Wah, I can tell you all how trilled I was at that time. Even though it's just a small small meeting with otw to famous bloggers, I'm still damn happy cause it's my first time joining a blogger event! I was really kanchiong that day & ahh shy me came again. Ok, will talk about this more next time. Now I shall show you how does the EX-ZR700 looks like!

It looks something like this. (will making another post on this & more of the technical stuffs next time. then you'll get to see the full view of the camera)

deng deng! pretty or not! haha, I think it's really nice lah. They come in a few different colours - white, black, red, pink and brown. But the P.I.C only gave us red, white & black. I had a really hard time choosing between red & black but eventually chose black cause red were all taken LOL. It's ok. Black is cool.

(to be honest, I'm a bit disappointed that it doesn't come with a front screen. you know, it's important for selca bitches like me)

Sorry I'm blabbering too much. Here are the photos la. I forgot which photo is which effect cause I anyhow use different ones to experiment. If I remember I will state ok? (:

This was taken in the office, Best Shot - Text effect.

Flowers for my grandpa...

Ok no more.

I love this camera! It's super convenient to bring out cause it's not too big. This size is like 2 iphone 4s stacked together. Also, the shutter also very fast. I'll be experimenting more of it then I'll share more ok! (:


Oh ya!
Do remember to join the caption contest on Casio Singapore's Facebook page.
All you have to do is to give the photo given an interesting caption & the best caption will get to win prizes! 

CASIO EX-ZR700 WORTH $599 (approximately RM1400+/-)

EX-N20 WORTH $219 (approximately RM500+/-)

CASIO G-SHOCK AW-591SC-7A WORTH $147 (approximately RM350)

How to join?
1. Like their page here!
2. Click The link to the Casio Caption Contest.
3. Scroll down & click register.
4. Follow the steps given.
5. Summit!

3 winners will be picked every week for 4 weeks. Which means this whole month got 12 people that can win prizes! What are you waiting for? Just join & try your luck. Who knows you might be lucky enough to get away with those awesome prizes!

All the best folks! 

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