Apr 3, 2013

Happy Birthday ♥

Lee Hyuk Jae

eunhyuk/myeolchi/captain hyuk/hyukkie/monkey boy/jewel boy/treasure on top

Thank you, my parents-in-law for this boy man

Although you don't know me or don't remember me (I still believe you actually seen me before) or will ever see this. I still wanna wish you happy 27th birthday. I'm crazy, I know. To be writing this to you & having all my readers judge me for being a psycho fangirl.

You know what? Being your fangirl is the most awesome thing that ever happened to be. The second most awesome thing was to be able to see you in person. I could never forget that day. The excitement. I felt like it was my wedding day. A dream come true. I still remember screaming your name like nobody's business but you never turned around because everyone else's voice had drowned mine. Then during a song where everyone does the head shape with own arms, you turned around to me (my direction) with that heart shaped arms and flashed your gummy smile. That smile that only looks damn good on you. ; I still remember spam tweeting until I got 4444 tweets for your birthday last year. I even made a diamond card for you which is still in my box of memories. And I tweeted everything with the hashtag #AllRiseSilverDay. Told everyone in school that it's my husband (you) 's birthday that day and forced everyone to call me Mrs Lee. ; I still remember you celebrating your birthday last year in Paris with Donghae. Such a sweet couple xx. It was 3 days before SS4Paris. You and Siwon celebrated your birthdays with those fans. You drank for the first time & got drunk tipsy. On the way back to the hotel you stopped your driver and went down to take photos with Kyuhyun and Shindong. Silly boy. ; I still remember fighting with CY because she sorta insulted you when I told her you're gonna be on running man 104 episode. She said you confirm lose because you're lousier than donghae which made me super mad at her. I ignored her for 2 days and even moved my seat away from her because of that. ; I still remember getting really upset over that incident of you and IU. I was super mad at you at first but then I'm sure you're a good guy and will never do anything bad. So then I started defending you from those 'fans' that are scolding you. Especially those IU fans that keep scolding you. I was so mad at IU's fan to the extend that I hated IU. I hated her for 'accidentally' posting that photo and causing so many commotions. I was really mad at LOEN entertainment and SM entertainment as well. LOEN for defending IU and SM for not saying a thing about this issue and even wanted to cancel all of your activities and bring forth your military service. But eventualy everything went back to normal and I like IU again.

Because of you number 4 became a really special number (your birthday this year is on thursday!);
Because of you age is just a number;
Because of you distance is nothing;
Because of you fat & short fingers doesn't matter;
Because of you height is fine as long as he is taller than me;
Because of you gays (eunhae) are acceptable;
Because of you gummy smile is no longer ugly;
Because of you I feel bad when I have to eat anchovies;
Because of you choco is not edible;
Because of you I think Singlish is quite cute;
Because of you broken mandarine is adorbs;
Because of you jawlines are really sexy;
Because of you my fashion style changed;
Because of you I wasted so much money;
Because of you I fell in love with the stage once again;
Because of you I tried my best in everything I do;
Because of you I actually tried to pursue my dreams;
Because of you dance has became the most important thing for me;
Because of you superman exist;
Because of you perfection exist.

Thank you.
Thank you Mr Lee.
Thank you for not giving up on your dreams and became such a perfect man.
Thank you for persevering.
Thank you for loving your fans me.
Thank you for being so perfect.
Thank you for existing.

I said it once & I will say it again.
Loving you is the best thing I've done.

Once again, my love.
Happy 27th Birthday.

Take care of your health alright.
All the best for Super Show 5.
You're a really good temporary leader.
Remember to eat and remember to rest.
Take more selcas with Donghae and Choco ok!

God bless you.
I love you.
I'll see you soon.

(published on 04/04/2013 12:00am kst)

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