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Hello lovelies, thank you for clicking in to read this.

My name's Felinda. You can call me Bling. Why bling? (Please don't ask anymore) It all started with my liking SHINee (kpop boy group) and this member called Jonghyun. For some reason, his nickname was Bling Bling Jonghyun. Then I noticed that some people are changing their facebook names so I, too, joined them and changed mine to Felinda Bling. It then got stuck. End of story.

I'm not anorexic, I do eat. I'm skinny because of my genes. Please don't ask me what do I do to maintain my figure cause I actually eat a lot.I hate vegetables and I cannot live without meat. My favourite food is rice because I am a typical asian like that. Also, I love bread. I have to either eat bread or rice everyday.

I'm currently studying to become an interior designer. So please be nice to me if you intend to get your house designed. I might be your designer HAHA I keed. 

My favourite colour right now is black and white. I also like neon and pastel colours. I'm a sucker for cute stuff like My Melody, My Little Twin Starts, Hello Kitty, Eeyore (from Winnie the Pooh) & Totoro. Right now, I'm a fan of Super Junior's Mr Hyuk Jae and Big Bang's GD. I also like EXO (Kai & Krissss) but I'm not a super fan. I mean, who don't like hot and cute guys? Unless you're a straight guys, I guess. HAHA ok not funny. I hate people who are too noisy (especially children) and people who are always late. Of course, I try my best to not be late as well. Oh, yes. I seem outspoken here but in real life I'm a terrible introvert which explains why I have so little friends.

I'm good in bed. I can sleep in for the entire day without having to eat anything. My talent is to make disgusting cutesy baby doll voice that freaks my friends out. Also, I love imitating other people's voices. I get high when I'm sleepy. I am very accident prone and have the ability to trip on my own foot. Lastly, I'm actually good in remembering people's faces and names so please don't be shocked if I know who you are. I'm not a stalker. I just happen to be able to remember faces quite easily. 

If you've read every word that I typed, I'm amazed and thank you very very much for your time.
I heart you all.

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