Mar 17, 2013

Sugar Fingers

Nail Tutorial

Today's tutorial is inspired by this!
(I've been playing candy crush recently so my brain is kinda candified now)
I'm always crapping a lot so here is the tutorial!

Things you'll need:
1. Pink
2. Yellow
3. Purple
4. Orange
5. Turquoise
6. Smooth salt (normal eating ones)
7. Cotton butt

(Ok, idk why is the colour like this.)
Apply a layer of base coat & then apply the colours accordingly as you like.

Wait for it to dry & then apply a top coat. Before it dries, put some salt on it evenly & press gently.
Using a cotton bud, brush away the excess salt.

Apply on all fingers & tada it done!
Remember not to wet your hands or suck your finger or else the salt will melt.

Must put on top coat to prevent the salt from melting!

But then it wouldn't look very nice..
Anyway, it's just a totally random & useless nail art..

Hope you enjoyed looking at my candy fingers (;

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