Nov 29, 2014


Goodness gracious me.
It has been awhile my fellow people.

I had been so caught up with my real life that I haven't been updating this space.
So, someone asked me what have I been busy with?

Well, my answer is same old same old. School. Assignments. Traveling to and fro Malaysia. Which now has been a thing for me to do to go back once in alternate weeks unless something happens/needs to be done. It's fast how I passed 6 weeks in school already, I think it's 6 weeks, I cannot be sure but ugh it doesn't matter. Compared to last sem, I'm really quite free right now tbh so I'm not complaining, but really. I can't wait for my break to come. Only two weeks but it doesn't matter because it's the christmas season! :D hehehe. I cannot wait for chirstmas and countdown! But after that it'll be like the most hectic days already! 4th term and soon I'll be in Year 3 and then I either have my internship first of studio first. I do hope I get my internship first cause I really don't wanna die being and intern and having to do my FYP - final year project. With the time management I've having right now. I cannot be sure if I would be able to breathe hahahaha

ANYWAY. It's such a lovely saturday and I've actually planned to go to my site for observation but alas, it's raining so probably tomorrow if it doesn't rain. Oh as you guys may know, I recently permed my hair and now my hair condition is so so so bad. It's so so so dry!!! The perm came out nice although I have to sleep with my hair tied every night if not my curls will be there but not there, kinda ugly ): I can't wait for the photoshoots to be over so I can cut off my damaged hair. I had really wanted to cut my hair short but I keep procrastinating until now it's so long, I really cannot bear cutting it off. But now, with these horribly damaged curls, I can finally give myself a reason to cut it off hahaha.

I've been obsessed with Pretty Little Liars recently and I open a few tabs and load a few at a time so in case I need to bring my comp to school and I'm bored, I can watch them cause it's all loaded. hehehe, anyway, gonna watch now then probably do my ppt slides tmw in school. Cannot do anything at home. kbye!

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