Dec 5, 2014

Ladies' Day Out | UBER ; Blue Heads ; Drink ; Eat


As you all may or may not know, I'm STILL having my holidays. Perks of studying in Singapore ➝ super long holidays hahaha anyway, before I've mentioned that I practically have zero plans for my holidays except for spending as much time as I can with the BFF J before he flies off to UK, and since I had been mega busy before the holidays, I didn't think of planning anything for the days after he flies off...

So when Kim asked if I wanna join them for a girls day out, you can guess that I am absolutely trilled and excited because from our whatsapp group, I can see a lot of fun activities planned :D

The fruitful day that I was so excited for came but alas, I sorta fell sick with a cold/flu ): But really, you think a small flu will knock me down and take my fun away? NO WAY #partykia

Our first stop was the 100 Doraemon EXPO (LOL I typed expo as exo X'D) at City Square JB!

[photo taken from their facebook page]

Transportation of the day was Uber! It's a taxi app that allows you to hire private drivers for drive you around. I've used this app quite a few times with Kim and it was really good! Like you can who's gonna be your driver and about what time the car will be reach your place. What's really convenient is you dont need to pay by cash, they just credit from your bank account then after that will text you how much was it so no need to worry if you not enough cash or small change hahaha. OH also uh it's quite cheap also compared to normal taxi! Normally if I take cab from pelangi area to cs it's like RM10-15 but that time I took Uber from pelangi area to Tebrau city it was like only RM20+? MAD CHEAP PLEASE. Taxi nowadays are broad daylight robbery -.- plus sometimes the taxi drivers sucked, smoking in the cab and up the fare ughhh (also, got nice one that charged me less lah like maybe a few cents take away instead of rounding it up but that is really seldom) 

Anyway, as I was saying, I've passed by this expo a few times but tbh it never really occurred for me to actually go inside cause first, I'm not a fan. Second, IT'S FOR KIDS!!! But when I went in, I realized that it's actually not half as bad as I thought it'll be. It's more suitable for kids and families but since we had the tickets, might as well enjoy it.

The tickets are RM25 for adults and RM15 for kids.

If you feel that you dont wanna pay to look at these blue heads but you're still curious what exactly is inside that made those people willingly pay, well, you can read on and agak agak see what's inside.

I wouldn't show everything cause I don't wanna be spoiler for people who haven't go hahahahaha

After you scan your tickets and walked in from the front door, you'll be greeted by this door. And then 100 blue heads...


"naega je jalaga"

These are some of the original works by the author.

There's someone in this hole that, so if you're interested you should go and see it for yourself LOL

We didn't exactly finish looking at everything because we were sorta in a rush to meet Corrine, who was unable to join us for the Doraemon EXPO.

We met at a relatively new cafe -Doi Chaang Coffee - first in JB!

City Square Level 4
Opening hours: 10AM - 10PM daily
Phone: 07-221 1870

Their menu is right above the front counter where you place your orders before you get seated inside the shop.

Check out their offers on the board (: Students got 10% off! I know a lot of you students hang out at CS after school ah, can come here and chill inside of always watching movies and sing k and eat at tang dynasty lol. I know ah everyone always do these when they come CS cause thats what I always did when I was still in high school hahaha. After school nothing to do then go CS lepak. 

They have a variety of cakes displayed at the front counter. I saw from their instagram post that they now have rainbow cakes too! I never actually had rainbow cake made from outsiders before. I always make my own haha maybe if i'm lazy and feel like eating then i'd go over. Like how I sometimes go CS just to buy gongcha hahaha

My melon milk! It's smells damn good. Like those korean melon. LOVE.

Chocolate moose kinda cake? LOL. I'm not sure what it's called cause I'm not a huge fan of chocolates :x hahaha

Fvourite crepe cake! I had been like obsessed with crepe cake recently if you all don't know hahaha

After that, cause we haven't had a proper lunch, we decided to go over to Lemon Tree for a proper meal.

My love for carbonara...
I really really love pastas and carbonara is my favourite. But I always cannot finish because too jelak but this one really nice!! or maybe cause I'm too hungry hahahaha

Ordered a glass of hot honey lemon too. Nothing special lah, just like a normal honey lemon so never take photo heh lazy, my food looks so good :p

Oh and there's this special dessert which I didn't try, everyone was crazy and raving over it except for me because first, I don't take spicy food and second, I had a cold so I don't wanna take anything cold.

Behold, the chilli padi sorbet. Sounds damn weird and gross right!!! But seriously everyone was raving about it if I wasn't coughing so badly I might try to eat it, but I can't ):

They say it's like spicy and sour idk hahaha maybe next time when I go eat my carbonara again I'd try this hehe.

18, Jalan Bedara,
Taman Melodies
80250 Johor Bahru,
07-335 5688
Operating Hour: 12.00 noon to 11.00 pm
Closed on Monday

So that's all for my day out. Been quite slack again recently lol. I swear I stayed at home and slept too much. Until I had a horrible headache that day!! UGH. School needs to start soon.

Oh and also I'm trying to learn Hyuna's Red's dance but it's seriouslyyyyy... I haven't dance in such a long time.


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