Dec 30, 2014

What's in my bag?

Seriously i had been wanting to do this since forever but I'm always changing my bags, I don't actually know what's in my bag but recently I had been using the same bag for a few weeks now so I guess I can finally do this hahaha.

Before showing you what's inside my bag, let me show you my bag first!

This is the bag I bought from Melacca Jonker Street for RM45 if I remember correctly. It's really good! It may look small but actually it can fit a lot of stuff hahahaha

1) Umbrella
- Got this from a stall from Northpoint @ Yishun

2) Cardigan
- Cotton on!

3) iPhone 4s

4) Pouch
- For my *ahem* girl stuff lol

5) Purse
- Got this from Vincci, Padini. I love the colour so so so much!

6) Hair tie

7) Lipbalm
- Burt's Bees tinted lipbalm, got it from Sephora.

8) Tissue

9) Body mist
- Got this from my school's shopping archade from $2.90? LOL.

10) Card holder
- For my EzLink card!

11) House keys

12) Camera, ZR50



* This was in my drafts for quite some time. I've added new stuff into my bag LOL

1) Lipstick
- Maybelline bold matte, Sugar Pink & Elianto A06

2) Eyemo

3) Eclipse
- Cause I'm super scared of having bad breathe LOL

4) Phone charger


That's all in my bag!
I hope this satisfies your kepohness hahahaha jk


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