Jan 3, 2015

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It's the year I'm turning 20!!! Can you believe it? I'm no longer a teen! But quite awkward cause I'm not a teen cause twenty no longer has a 'teen' behind, not an adult either cause not 21 yet, so WHAT AM I?!?!!! Err, youth? LOL. EUW. sounds so weird hahahahaha

I've been so caught up with all the events and outing during the term break that I haven't been updating much! Normally by then I'd already have the mandatory flashback post already hahaha. But that I because I was really bored I think LOL

So happy that my two week holiday is really full and packed and full of events that I haven't any time to waste at all. Spent a lot of time with people instead of moping at home, complaining that I'm really bored.

ANYWAY, I'll still be doing a flashback post somewhere during this month and post it probably in March LOL JK I try asap! This flashback post will not only be for you guys to read but for myself too! For my future reference in case when I grow old and I forgot about all the fun or boring stuff I do, all the big and small things I did.

I had my first photoshoot of the year today! Here's a sneak pic (;

Can't wait for the photos to be out! I hope it turns out nice cause the place is really really nice and I wear until very bridal feel so I really hope it turns out good *prays*

Back to school in less than 2 days! Feeling mutual about this tbh hahaha idk if I'm ready to leave jb yet, but at the same time I'm excited to go back to school to see my kawan-kawan :* my mains, ya'll probably wouldnt see this but, whoohoo, see ya'll on Monday guise.


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