Dec 22, 2014

Back In December

Hi guys, I'm back (;

It's been so long since I updated and I'm so thankful there's actually still people who click into this space. Currently editing some posts from before so for now it's mostly be throwback posts, backdated posts, like super backdated posts like probably posts about things that happened in March 2014 hahahaha.So please bear with me for a little longer while I edit my posts okay!

Anyway, the hates are back again. I seriously dont know why these people think they can pull me down to their level when I am clearly NOT affected by their mean words, ok, sometimes I am but then I think to myself, social media is not reality, so yeah, fuck you and your hates. Don't you know that when you send me a mean comment, all I'm thinking of is how to reply while being funny at the same time. But then again, I know I'm not a funny person so most of my replies are basically just normal replies. If you understand what I'm tryna say...? *crows flies by* ok, no, nevermind lol.

I just cut my hair recently btw! HAHA.
Before you ask why, this is why. I've been thinking of cutting it since I was 16 but I really don't have the courage!!! So that day I was feeling super distressed in school, so I packed up my stuff and went home, The next day morning, I went back to Malaysia and cut and dyed my hair then I went back to school again. I swear everyone was so shocked, it was so funny to see their reaction. I should do this more often #attentionseeker so this is the story. To cut the story short, is, 想剪很久了就等一個衝動.

So here's a photo of my new hairstyle! In case you're not following me on instagram, WHY ARE YOU NOT FOLLOWING ME *angry face* lol jk

If you're interested to know, no, I am not sponsored but because I really like my hairstylist (Mandy), so I'm telling you all where I did my hair. 

Call/Wechat their number: +6010-7669850 for booking.

I really love the colour Mandy mixed for me. It's ash + a hint of green. Cannot really see in pictures but irl it's quite greenish at some parts of my hair.

Ok, need to go and edit my other posts now! bye (:


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