Sep 22, 2012

Little Updates

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I'm terribly sorry for not doing a proper update from the computer. Using the phone to update is just too hard cause the photos are always messed up. So, here's an update since my last proper visit. Which was approximately end of August? Well, I'm not too sure but it's alright. Hahaha. 

#nowplaying Only U - Super Junior ♡

Just me, being bored before falling asleep.

Ahh, this was on 31st of August which was Malaysia's Independence Day ^^ and BR offers 31% discount on every 31st of the month. Heehee

We were playing with the dry ice,
Dad: if you off the lights, it will become very pretty know?
Me & grandma: really? *and i went to off*
Me: eh why dont have one?
Dad: wah, you believe me ah?

Oh look, new bedroom slippers! ok lah, this was the cheaplak type so it looks cacat & now the base is so flat alrdy..

studying komsas!

My very shiok sendiri self motivate note from 'eunhyuk' -.-

& i played with the hair dyeing app LOL i think i look kinda like an anime character...? Do I?

uhm, hahahhaa

OMFG SOMEONE TELL ME HAO TO RESIST THIS FACE!!! Ze birthday boi next week ♡

Iz I ulzzang? hahaha

#ootd to grandma's birthday bash.

Brought him to my cousin sister's son's 1 y/o birthday party to show off. his #ootd hahaha. I chose his outfit leh. Cute ma? XD






Random fact:
Absolutely HATE people asking me where I live.
(next post)

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