Sep 26, 2012

Girls Generation - SNSD

Nail Tutorial

Are you a hardcore fan of Girls' Generation (SNSD)?
Here's a simple paparazzi inspired nail design specially for you :D

Things you'll need:
1. Pink 
(I used neon pink cox I couldn't find pastel rose pink - their official colour)
2. White
3. Black
4. Red
5. Glittery nail polish
6. Dotting tool

Oh look, the neatly filed nails :D 

(I used a nail art pen, you can use a dotting tool) write SNSD on the thumb

Do french nails on both the red based nails

1. Draw lines.
2. Fill in.
3. Draw a bowtie.
4. Make dots! 

Apply top coat & you're done!
Have fun! (:

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