Sep 29, 2012


This post is once again, scheduled hahahaha. I'm super loving this schedule thing loh. Last time saw it but never occured me to use it. Why, brain, why?

Anyway, this post is about my outing with Ze gossipy friends to celebrate our end of trials LOL and we're supposed to go for a jog in Istana Garden but ended up taking pictures at somewhere near CS.


she fell down...

i super like this cox my legs damn nice hahaha

and him trying to imitate me hahahha

fuhh i'm so chio can

him: a very uncomfortable pose


i didnt know i was going to be in the picture hahaha. look, my hiao deskmate! :D

she insist on posing this cause she say she haz nice figure LOL

crazy people do crazy things

group photo! :D

you see, i fully prepared for phototaking loh LOL

again, i think he is crazy. LOL there were cars!!!

After all these we went to Music Band for karaoke. CY & I rocked SJ's songs man LOL
the best people to hang out with (:

oh yeah, by the time you see these, i'm about to/is now performing in teenz in church (which might be a video and i'll link it here for you all) and gonna be at my travis's 1 y/o birthday bash soon! teehee

byeeeeee ^^

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