Oct 9, 2012


how to not forget my birthday when this person is constantly reminding me about it as well as counting down everyday by whatsapping me "3 more day" "2 more days"?

yeah, my birthday is coming soon in another 2 days time.
not really excited about it, maybe because of SPM i'm not expecting much.
no one's gonna be free to celebrate with me.
sad case of having birthdays during exam period.
but look on the bright side, i have my family to spend with me (;

sorry for the lack of updates.
i've been kinda busy.
skipped school today cause i've no transport to come back from school.

feeling a little sick & down so i watched 2 episodes of Running man.
gosh the september 30th episode was freaking hilarious!
from the second challenge to the last.
i almost died laughing.

& oh btw, no one posted the dance video but for me, it wasn't too bad.
i think i did quite well.
except that the floor was a little rough and i almost fell ._.
otherwise, it was good (:

again, this is a short post.
gotta go soon. bye!

PS: do you like my new layout? (;

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