Oct 25, 2012

Nuffnang X


This is my virgin post from my new notebook, or what we normally refer as laptop - a TOSHIBA SATELLITE M840. It looks like this :

Well, from the picture its looks pink & very pretty right? But I have no idea why when I got it looks more red than pink! Was kinda disappointed but I'll have to make do with this. Who knows? I might just fall in love with it. Hahaha. Anyway it's an RIP for my old desktop which I got from my eldest sister that she had since college (which is quite long from now too :x) Kinda not used to the keyboard and mouse cause I had been using desktops all my life. My nails are a wee too long but I don't care. I'm not gonna cut them until i break one of it #stubborn LOL


As you can see from my title today, the main thing of this blog post it's about Nuffnang's latest uhm .. do you call that product? Or app? Ok, I'm not sure whats its called but I'll just call it an app since its mostly from smartphone user.  I'm actually quite late for this post because this app had launch quite a few weeks ago.I'm sure most people that stalk blogs have already heard of this app and is enjoying it right now.

For those who have not heard about this app, I can see a lot of question masks on your head now right now. Hahaha. Ok, so...

What exactly is Nuffnang X???

Here's the answer:
Nuffnang X is a SOCIAL BLOG STALKING app. 

Just like instagram! Except that you cant see any pictures but blog post. Totally a good app for people who loves to read blog like me. You can read it on the go while you are on a bus/taxi or waiting for someone. It's very easy to use. Just look for the blog link you want (eg: babyblingg) and click on follow. Then you can see their latest blog posts on your feeds! 

Just like this :D 

Click "Add Blog" and search for your favourite blogs. Follow them and that's it! All blog stalkers will know who troublesome is it to check every single blog and see if they have updated or not. But with Nuffnang X, those troublesome days are over! You can now easily see who has updated their blogs on your feed :D Very convenient right? Hahaha.

Also, Nuffnang have this very smart thing where they will choose the most interesting sentence they find in the blog post. Goodness know how they do this. Guessing that it's sentences with lots of exclamation point or question marks. Hahahahaha. They put the first photo as the 'header' of the post. Which explains my picture on ze top :p


Some blog that I followed. Yes, I followed myself. I wanna see which sentence Nuffnang chose for my blog post. Hehehe. Felt a little guilty cause I also followed Dawn Yang - XX's rival. I just wanna know what stuff she blogs about cause XX says she have weird photoshopped face (& pulled down boobs). Hahaha. 


1. Download this app on your smart phone.It's available on both App Store and Android. 
2. Search for your favourite blogs (mine is "babyblingg"!)
3. Follow.

And that's it! What are you waiting for? Quick! Go and download and follow me :D
Oh, for those bloggers who already have a Nuffnang account, remeber to claim your blog and follow me! Hahaha

PS: I am actually thinking of moving to Wordpress. Its said to have more pretty templates and layouts. But Blogger very much easier to use and is better for computer noobs like me. Hmm, if I move my blog again, will you all hate me? ):

PPS: I find this keyboard hard to type. Throughout the whole blog post, I have so many that the space key is not pressed /.\ I'll just have to get used to this.

PPS: 10 more days to SPM. This will be my last day blogging until 27th November 2012 3.30pm (hehehe, can't wait!) But I'll schedule something today, beforemy add maths tuition later. 

& remember to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Nuffnang X okay! 

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