Oct 10, 2012

The Forbidden Question

"Where do you live?"

I super duper uber major vegetable HATE HATE HATE people asking me this question loh! Fine if you're close to me and we are having casual talk about our house being far from where ah, then will ask: 'where you live?' Ok, i'm fine with that, not a problem at all.

But i super hate these people that you know but not know personally (geddit?) asks me where I stay. I'm gonna be like wtf should I tell you? Ok, here's an example of what I met a few weeks ago.

A: hi
Me: hello
(Yada yada blah blah blah)
Me: ok gtg bye

*few days later, i approved A's friend request*
A: oi!
Me: *why so rude one?* hi
(Yada yada blah blah blah)
A: so where you live?
Me: *annoyed* at home
A: ya lah at home, where is your home?
Me: *super annoyed* why should i tell you?
A: cause i want to be your friend and know you more ma
Me: *super duper annoyed & ridiculed* friends then friends lah why wanna know where i stay? Why should i tell YOU where I stay? What rights do you have? Am i like, very close with you? Not even my friends that i know personally knows where i stay so what makes you think i will tell you?
A: (i think was shocked & speechless cause no reply)
Me: you dont just anyhow ask people where they stay you know? Its just like asking them what colour of their bra are they wearing today! Just mind your own business and dont ask people where they stay. Its provoking into people's privacy!
A: sorry loh, we can still be friends?
Me: *offline*

Is A stupid or is A stupid?
Wtf. Forever & always being annoyed when people ask where is my house. Kepoh.
So hello everyone, don't ever ever force me to tell you where I live. I'll smack you if I could.

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