Oct 11, 2012

If I Were The Government

  • I would NEVER EVER EVER allow open burnings.
  • I would make people plant lots of trees & plants. 
  • I would NEVER EVER EVER allow people to smoke in public places.
  • I would recruit more people to clean the public toilets.
  • I would have the people to clean the drains regularly to fight dengue.


1.     I absolutely HATE smokes! Smoke gives me headache & runny nose. I don't get it. I really don't get it. Why should you BURN your rubbish when we have trash collectors every week? And they not only collect trash, they collect branches, leaves and all those stuff too! What's so good about burning your rubbish? You pollute the environment as make people sick! So, again. IF I WERE THE GOVERNMENT, I would give ever so many saman to these people to burns their rubbish. I would even throw them into jail for at most 3 months as well as community service.

Do you see this?
Tell me, what's so good about this?
 It makes the air hazy and blur our view.

2.     The weather now is so freaking hot. Why are you still putting cement instead of planing small trees or even just grass by the road side. The cement will only make the weather even hotter. Trees are good! They make people feel fresh, they provide oxygen, they are pretty.. What's so bad about them? Why must you put these ugly cements by the roadside!?! Ok, if you think they are troublesome. Fine. Plant those grasses that don't really require much care. I'm sure there are some kind that are like this! 

Look, it's it nice to have trees by the road side?
It gives us shade too!

3.     Again, I totally CANNOT stand smoke. & smokes are the worst! If I were the government, I will make you pay RM50000 for smoking in public places. Because since you have money to smoke, you must have money to pay for the fine right? Also, you are burning your money away so you might as well give me the money for better use like, charity or making our country better instead of rotting your lungs! No wait, other people's lungs too! Do you know that second hand smoke are worse than first hand smoke? Some people die of lung cancer because of you, smokers! Don't understand how can people think smoking is cool loh. If you smoke, no matte how handsome you are, sorry you're totally out for me. For example (please dont hate me, it's just an example) TOP from Big Bang. I used to like him but after I know he smokes I don't like him anymore because I really really really detest smokers. I really hate people smoking in public places especially in an AIR CONDITIONER-ED place!!! Like public bus & shopping centres. Why? Please, if you want to smoke, put a plastic bag over your head & die yourself. Don't let people inhale your second hand smoke. Think of the others and be considerate, can? 

Think twice before you lit your first cigarette..
Do you want this kind of lungs?

Or this kind of teeth?
(i choose the least disgusting on cause i don't want to ruin my pretty blog)

4.     They always say we want more foreign tourist to come to our country but, with this kind of hygiene, who would like to come? Public toilets are always dirty and smelly. Goodness knows how many times they wash it. As I googled for my country's toilets. I feel so ashamed. It's all dirty & disgusting toilet bowls. Some even have blood stains & pads beside. GIRLS, please keep it clean & put your stuff away properly can? At least wrap it properly lah. WTF

The cleanest I can find.
But still goddamn disgusting.

Look at Japan's PUBLIC TOILET!!!
Why can't ours be like this too?
Don't you feel ashamed to be known as the country that has dirty toilets?

5. Very often I get stung by mosquitoes. And this often occurs near my school. There are many trees there (a good thing) but they never seems to clear the drains. A lot of mosquitoes are produced there and I heard that some of many seniors got dengue after entering the compound. Everyone knows that dengue could be deadly. So yeah, if i were the government, i would ensure they these places gets mosquitoes sprays regularly & the drains to be cleared always. 

Mosquitoes are getting arrogant recently.
We must work together to get rid of them!

* This post is not meant to critisize my country. I love my country. Yes, I really do. It's safe from natural disasters and we have various food of different races. I love them! No offend intended (: Cheers!

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