Oct 16, 2012

Forbidden Love

Story taken from the dream I had last night.

Princess from Country A and Prince from Country B fell in love. However, this is forbidden love because their fathers (Kings) were sworn enemies.

She first saw him when she was on a vacation in Paris with her parents. He was on tour all by himself with a few 'friends' (bodyguards). Instantly they fell in love [goodness knows how, this dream of mine is too dramatic]. They went out a few times there & the King and Queen approved of this well mannered young man.

But good things never lasts long, the King A soon found out that the Prince was his enemy's son. The couple was forced to break up and to never meet again. The Princess was grounded for a month and was to never leave the palace without the King's consent.

The Prince & Princess however, still kept in touch and the Princess often sneak put from the garden hole she found out and had secret dates together by the deserted playground she found out whenever the Prince comes visiting. They were very much in love.

One snowy day, King A overheard about these secret dates from the gossipy servants when he was having a stroll in the garden. He was furious and demanded to know were was his Princess. Unfortunately, the Princess was with the Prince right at the moment. The Kings was angry to know that the Princess had once again sneaked out of the palace. He was even more mad to know that there was a hole in the garden where the Princess used to sneak out of the palace and the servants did not block up the hole because the Princess told them not to.

The King brought the soldiers out to catch this sneaky couple. The Princess was caught & grounded and also had to suffer seeing her lover being thrown back to his county - and never coming back again.

"Why does he have to do this to me? Shouldn't I be allowed to love who I love and do what I love to do?" asked the Princess to her servants. One of the Princess loyal maid said, "mistress, why don't you elope with the young master? Bring me along with you, I had promised be faithful to you always and I wouldn't know what to do without you. I have been by your side ever since I can remember." "Ahh, thats a good idea. I'll take to the Prince about this." And she did. He was trilled about her bravery as a prove of love to him. So they decided to take the risk to leave their counties at midnight of her birthday - to have a most wonderful birthday or the worst ever birthday.

She did not bring much with her except a few piece of simple clothing, her jewels and all the cash of many different countries she had. At 12 midnight, when the clock down the hall struck twelve times, she and her loyal maid bid everyone a tearful goodbye and went out with the hole in the garden. She did not know that the King had set a CCTV near it. The soldier on duty alerted the King and he set off to search for the Princess.

Meanwhile, King B was also aware of the Prince secretly dating the Princess. He was quite calm about it as the Prince had dated a few girls and they all did not work out in the end. So he took not much notice of this affair, believing it will end soon. But, when he spot the prince bringing out a large bag and sneaking out of the palace at midnight, he sensed something was wrong. So he sent his loyal soldiers to follow the Prince.

At the airport of Greece, the lovers finally met (together with the secret followers from both countries). King A was furious at the act of the couple. And went he came to confront the two of them, King B stepped out too. (To side the couple) King B: "Old man, this hate is between both of us. Why should both of our child be implicated? If they truly love one another, why not let them be together?" King A: "and be in laws with you? Never! Never ever as long as I can still breathe!!! CHARGEEEEEEEE!!!!"

And so the war in the airport begun. The couple was truly shocked to see both their Fathers on war, right at the airport with tons of people staring at them. Feeling embarrassed, they quickly ran away and got another flight to somewhere else when the 'war' was on and no one noticed them.

Finally, they reached Paris - the city of Love. The beginning of their new lives and journey of love begins here. They embraced each other in happiness because they are finally free under a different name and lifestyle.

This also marks the end of my dream. It was 2pm when I woke up. Bye! (:

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