Oct 31, 2012

What's On My Wall?

I know nobody cares but I want to share ok! So don't click 'x' and scroll down leh.

You ask: WHY?!?! Why should I read this?

Errr, because ......
I'm very sincere about keeping this blog alive as well as keeping my readers? HAHAHA
So a tip for bloggers (I'm not selfish hor) when nothing to blog about, reveal what's on your wall / desktop / bag / wardrobe /cupboard because people are kepoh like this HAHAHAHAAHA :p

so here goes, what's on my wall...

( this is a space for you to imagine what I have on my wall LOL nothing dirty lah okay, mentally & physically)


what? very nerd izit? but I got no choice leh. SPM ma, what to do? Must paste time table to constantly reminding myself about it. diagrams, aims & spot questions... 

Waiting for the day to rip everything off! hehehe

Next to it is a casing for wire which I used to paste these little notes & HK faces.

Somebible verses to read before I study / sleep / just whenever I see them. HK faces which I cut out from the cardboard which came with my HK curtains (: and some notes to ask myself to study hard, drink more water & sleep earlier.

BESIDE: my favourite part of my wall - bec most people I love are on it 


Above part : people I actually know...

My first polaroid with Travis, polaroids with my sisters, Travis when he was just born, me & ummaa few years back, GAP food fair 2011 & 2012, 5 Cerdik 2012 

Below part : KPOP idols 

there's Kim Beom, Hee Chul, Miss A, Sung Min (yijin got this for me from SS4), Key, Kai, Super Junior Opera, Yoona, F(x), Exo K, Eun Hyuk, a newspaper cut out of eunhyuk being marilyn monroe (he lost a bet with the members on the plane(?) from Jakarta to Seoul) I pasted this cause its funny and everytime I see it I will laugh :D 

OH, Li Yu & honey is here as well - neo prints we took a few years back (2009?)

So yep, that's whats on my wall. After SPM imma redo my room and might do a new what's-on-my-wall post. Stay tuned! (:



Before I go,

Have fun treat or tricking!

5 more days to SPM! 

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