Oct 28, 2012

17th Birthday 2012

Sorry, another birthday post. 

So, my birthday this year didn't turn out what I pictured it to be but more like how I expected it to be.
I have no celebrations on my birthday or any day NEAR my birthday.

Yep, I had a surprise birthday cake but it was celebrated with the lovely cousins and aunts over at grandma's house on mid autumn festival which I celebrated with my cousin brother. We had 2 cakes and this wasn't mine.

This was mine. Chocolates yeah (:

Pink Hello Kitty clock from Sarah! (:
I asked her (jokingly) why she 'song zhong' me and she took it very seriously saying cause we are christian and we don't pantang -.- where is your sense of humour?

* 'song zhong' means give clock and in chinese itcan also mean 'sending dead people away' (like a funeral) so chinese people don't like clocks as present cause it is like asking them to die faster.

Mom took off from her tuition to have birthday lunch with me TvT

look at ze porkkkk YUMS

Feeling hungry as I typed this post. It's almost dinner time now.

 Mommy bought this for me! (Y) Pretty pretty, thank you mommy!
(OMG its rhymes) 

Oh, VZG sent this freaking cute and fluffy HK plushy to KIMCHI & BBQ that day.
Thank you for the funny card! LOL

Very belated birthday present from CY & hone

And just as I thought birthday has ended and I will not get any more presents,


DADDY BOUGHT ME THIS!!! Cause ngam ngam my desktop computer died. hehehe, thanks daddy 

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