Aug 24, 2012

Gardens By The Bay - Bay South

Super Junior nails nail tutorial below this.

So, here's the story of how is begun,
12 noon.
Umma: Wake up, I'm bringing you out today.
Me: Where?
Umma: I don't know. Eat then decide.
*after breakfast*
Me: So, where are we going?
Umma: Where do you wanna go?
Me: Our neighbour country.
Umma: Singapore? Really? Ok, go get ready. I'll write the white cards.
Me: Huh? You got SGD meh?
Umma: Not much but I wanna go to the new sight seeing place in Marine Bay Sands.
Me: Oh, okay.

And we really went there.


on the car

a long journey

cox its far from woodlands

so i selca-ed to kill time

oh look, umma!

"are we reaching yet?"

oh look, ferris wheel!

i look like a retard LOL


"Wah, look at that beef pastrami"
you'll know this quote if you watch sgp advertistments LOL

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Oh look, we're here.

dragonfly bridge

I like this, it was going to rain soon.

it was a sunny and windy day.

pretty or not? hahahhaa

I think recently my selcas all very pretty leh LOL

what do you think?

I like this :D

ehehhee :3

i did not go up cause i think my legs will go jelly then i die cox i fall from up there. hahahahaha drama.

had dinner in Marina Square. this pasta is yummy! why sgp food court got quality food one yer. hahahha

saw this in Watson and i couldnt resist it

nerds! :D

i used to love this when i was young. idk why is it not selling in Malaysia anymore.

Overall, I think it was a very nice place. I dont ever rmb being a tourist in SGP cox i only go for shopping at places like Vivocity, Bugis, Far East Plaza, Causeway Point, Ochard, Takashimaya, Ion... Even if I actually went to places where tourist goes, it's be Science Centre, Sentosa and the zoo. HAHAHAHA

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