Aug 16, 2012

Something Blue

Nail Tutorial


today, i will be making a tutorial of the above picture. this design was a random artwork when i was studying. inspiration came from exercise books! :D alright, enough of crap. i shall start.

Things you'll need:
1. Alice blue
2. White
3. Normal blue
4. Blings  
5. Thin brush
6. Dotting tool

after base coat, paint a layer with alice blue. wait for it to dry. apply another layer starting from middle for second layer then tip for third layer. 
apply blings on it and your thumb is done! (:

for the rest of your fingers, apply white after base coat.

use a brush to paint on the blue lines. you'll have to make it thinner than the above one then it will look nicer (: 

apply top coat and tada, its done! :D

PS: This is actually a very very simple design. The trick is to have straight lines.

Have fun! (:

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