Aug 10, 2012


Hi, I moved. 

And this is my first post on this new blog. Thank you for following me. *throwing kisseus* Some of you may not see my post on my old blog explaining why did I move and wonder why did I do that. 

This reason is simple, I'm an attention seeker. *pauses* LOL kidding. No, I'm not. 

K lah! Here's the real reason.
My labels on the old blog are pretty messed up so I decided to start a new one cause I'm too lazy to tidy it up. (The same reason for me creating a new facebook account) Ok? ^^ So please follow me again and I promise to be a good blogger. ie: try to blog or maybe just post more pictures at least once a week (since i'm having SPM, goddamnit) 

For those who did not get to read my latest posts on my old blog, fear not. For I will be posting 'em here (:

I'll be officially launching this blog on my birthday this year (11th Oct 2012) so please stay tune.

Have a nice day.

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