Aug 16, 2012

Baby Owls Are Adorable


Hello, it's been a while since i posted a tutorial :/ had been busy! ): 
Ok, so this is my first attempt of a very fail and spastic looking baby owl and hearts. HAHAHA. Today's tutorial is this and don't worry if you cant do this at first, practice makes perfect (:

Things you'll need:
1. Pink (2 different shades) 
 2. Baby blue 
3. Baby yellow 
4. White
5. Black
6. Red
7. Dotting tool

apply baby blue and light pink on fingers as the above picture. (rmb to apply base coat first!)

on the light pink base, make two ovals sticking together. it should cover about half of your fingernails. this is for the "eye bags" of the owl.

- using light pink, draw tiny heart shapes randomly on the baby blue bases.
- using the darker shade of pink, draw hearts below the "eye bags" neatly in two rows.

- make a tiny triangular shape under between the "eye bags" and the heart shape with red color.
- make two dots on the yellow color with black.

- using white, make random dots on the baby blue base.
- make two dots on each of the eyes with white. 
- apply top coat

a sweet and adorable baby owl of your own is then done! (:
it's a very simple and cute design. i hope you like this.
(cr: instagram @missgoob)

Have fun! ^^

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