Aug 10, 2012

Hello Kitty Haul

with a mixture of chopper from one piece and a family member of sanrio - my little twin stars

LOL so many people are waiting for this post.

so finally, its here.

these are just the few HK stuff that I bought 

all you hello kitty lovers, ready? 








hello kitty strawberry chocolates i bought from a wholesale store! also available in dark chocolate and white chocolate.

its in small packs :D

oh look, a face!

super yummy lah.

name tag thingy i bought from taoyuan duty free airport (: 

coffee bean chocolate :x me no likey leh. i like the case only hahahahhaa. bought from taoyuan airport too.

HK socks! :DDD bought from the same shop i bought the strawberry chocolates.

then pen i am using now! bought from a box shop.

HK zip lock bags from daiso!!! i'm using the smallest ones to keep my earphones (:

my little twin stars iphone/ipod/ipad charger. bought from a phone accessory shop (:

chopper! from an egg machine in a shop in the taipei main station underpass.

chopper kitty! from the shop below (east district)

all the hello kitties stuff you can find. it's like a heaven to me T_____T

HAHAHHAHAA from hello kitty sweet shop :D will be posting about this next time.

i super love the case!

and the chocolates are yummy! :D dark chocolates but not too bitter.

HEHEHEHEHHEE POKER CARDS!!! :3 (i collect them)

nomu yehpoh lahhhhh

OMG never gonna use them hahahaha

OK the haul ends here. it seems pretty short huh. hmm nvm, wait for my blogpost of the hello kitty sweet shop! (: byeeeeee

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