Aug 10, 2012

Taiwan 4

Fourth post for the Taiwan trip. I should totally get an award for procrastinating.
- a trip to Jiufen and Zhong Zhen Memorial Hall

PS: those that are afraid of masks, this post contains a few of them.



cold stone is heavenly /o\

the police station we went the first day we reached - to ask for directions LOL

otw to Jiufen

very cold

like genting

its looks quite empty but trust me, i felt like a sardine in here.

me, studying the tour book.

i dont normally eat fishballs but these are totally yummy fishballs! 

some cute stuff we saw

super huge peanut looking stuff wrapped with popiah skin with an ice cream on top

ah, yummy mushrooms! :D

an ajjuma selling hand made owls

Museum of Clay Mask


jay chou

tsk tsk, scribbling on the wall.

the maker of these masks explaining everything


and more

in process

ah, the thing that made me walk all the way up there and i realized that blackball tastes nicer /_\"

going back


oh look, the sea (?)

wento the the night market and saw a shop selling all of these cute shit.

i cant buy all of them so i curi curi took some photos for le BFF

the 101 tower again

yay i'm back!

bought this for le BFF from Jiufen

and this chio phone case from night market


all the real sanrio products!!!!! major love this shop i don't wanna get out but all freaking expensive.

another shop. this shop sells the prettiest ever HK shoes but i cant get a picture of it ):

headed to the memorial hall. it was a weekend so lot of people were there. there was also a dance competition or performance going on so there was a lot of people practising their dance. haih, i miss the 2011 dance recital lah ):

so hugeeeee


and freaking windy


chopper kitty from the egg machine outside the sanrio shop! :'D i'm so happy i get to turn this thing cox my mom wouldnt let me..

#homesick face

OH,  my baby nephew's 10 months old today :D oh shit, he is growing fatter and heavier and older. soon, i cannot carry him or call him baby anymore ): hahahahaha

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