Aug 10, 2012

Taiwan 2

hello, this post has already been in the draft page for a few days and i finally insert the words and captions and blogged. so here you are, WJ and sampat. these two are bugging me to blog HAHAHA sorry, procrastinator was procrastinating.

before going to the airport. this is my airport fashion LOL see kpop stars going in and out of airport so many times dy got influenced to take care of airport fashion.(even though no one there knows me and my flight is 1.15am wtf)
so how? i got look like some famous star or not? hahaha. pattern liao liao, at night wear sunglasses.

another selca and byebye!
oh btw, i have taken to saying selca instead of camwhore cause camwhore doesn't sound really good actually. like you're implying you are a whore or something like that. selca is so much better fyi, it means [sel]f [ca]pture and lot of korean uses this word. and just to make it clear, I AM NOT USING THIS WORD BECAUSE I WANNA ACT LIKE A KOREAN. its because i truly think selca is a better word than camwhore and i think everyone should start using 'selca' to replace 'camwhore' (:

approximately 4am, i'm still somewhere above the clouds, legs cramped in the seat. 

this is about 5am. such pretty clouds.

more or less 6am. when the day breaks and i am reaching in another half an hour.

OH YA, *sampat mode* the guy sitting in front of me who was about my age brought a half an a4 sized pink piglet plushy onto the plane WTF wanted to snap a picture of it but then he suddenly block the piglet with the plane magazine and during take off he kept it so i have no chance to take a photo of it T_T but still, can you imagine? LOL.

the first thing i saw at the taipei main station after getting down from the bus from the airport. my mom was like "eh take this!" okay...

our first meal! T_____T idk why is it upside down but i think its fine lah. hahhaaa. all these from the local 7-eleven! why do they have such awesome convenient stores?! MALAYSIA, Y U NO HAVE THESE?!! The sushi thing was so yummy and not to mention cheap. its only 39twd (rm3.90)! and the strawberry milk! ♥ Those in the bowl are these finger food that are cooked in boiling water then you choose what you want, put in a bowl and pay, then they give you the seasoning. calculated and its not very cheap actually. 4 for 100twd (rm10) which means.. you do the calculations. HAHAHA. 

Taipei Main Station. extremely huge and has lots of restaurants (mostly expensive) on the second floor and lots of underpass for all mrt lines.

TADAH the apartment i was staying at! its called Leopard Garden and it is best for backpack travellers. located at ximen. only 5 minutes walk can reach the shopping area and mrt station already! so convenient :D for more info, please visit their website. and for those who likes Zebra more, they also have a zebra theme apartment (:
since the boss wasnt there, we threw our luggages (with a pad lock on) in the living room and went out to explore.

deng deng deng, according to my mom, they are filming show wor. but i didnt see any staff or director or FD leh! anyway, i still snapped a picture.

see, they are from this company hahaha.

LOL, this was what i used to recognize my way back to the apartment.

i was like "OMG ONE PIECE!" so i took a photo. hahhaa. after that we hailed a taxi and went to wufenpu cause the driver said the shops are all opened (it was about 9am) ..........

this was at a traffic lilght near wufenpu. the dog damn cute lor! i cannot resist hahaha.

AND THE DRIVER LIE TO US ONE LOR!!! SEE ALL THE SHOPS CLOSED! NOT EVEN A CAT OR DOG TO BE SEEN WTF. but nvm, can take photo hahahaha. i was holding a plastic bag full of enormous lychees. you'll see how big later.

mommy and i 

HELLO DIZ IZ ME hahahhaa

mommy! this was where we were sitting waiting for the shops to open while eating lychees. wanna see how big?






its like the biggest and sweetest lychee i have ever seen and tasted lor! summo i dont think its expensive at all. its like 1 jin for 69twd!!! :O :O :O 1 jin is like uhm lemme check, 500g. eh then its ok only lah. but got a lot leh cannot finish! or maybe we actually paid more? now i'm not sure! hmm nvm LOL blur
 ok, maybe i exaggerate maybe you seen bigger ones but THIS IS MY FIRST TIME LEH let me suaku can or not? hahahhaa. btw thats my mom's thumb -.- 

empty ~ ~ ~ *insert wind blows* my photography skills good or not? LOL i squatted on the floor to take this ._. after that walked a bit then sien already cause the shops mostly not open yet (12PM) only some are open and some are still in the mist of setting up. but i bought 2 trousers and a pair of shoes already HAHAHA. mom bought a bag. sien already, lets go to taipei 101! (where my husband hyukjae went to when preparing for SMT TW) :D

saw this on the way and literally burst out laughing. those who watch running man will know why. LOL so sensitive.

and my mom decided to have a glass of ice coffee cause it smells nice. i amuse that was the boss cause his photos with costumers are all over the walls. and he was grinding coffee beans with that machine.

according to my mom, this is 'heavenly' 

so we reached! :D typical tourist, taking lot of pictures. a lot of people doing that also hahaha.

faster say my photography skills are good cause i think this is quite nice

another one

far by the best. the sky damn nice.

they have lot of plants planted everywhere

another one. uhm, not artistic, not nice.

see the road so clean OMG.

AND I SAW THIS IS VIESHOW !!!!!!! almost watched it there but i did not bring my jacket and the price is SUPER DUPER EXPENSIVE. 400twd per ticket, you tell me!!! and that is normal movie ticket, not because its I AM. 400twd WTF thats rm40 and two means rm80 FOR A 2 HOURS MOVIE ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME?!? my mom and i was like 0o0 when we heard the price. so i watched in singapore that day, alone. which would be yet another procrastinated post. 

had a snack here and it is super yummy!!! (or just because i was hungry hmm, but its still a nice dish for potato lovers) forgotten to take a picture of the food cause i was too hungry. by the time i realized it was already more than half gone. but i'll tell you want it is. its fries, actually potatoes, to be exact cause it has mashed and wedges too :O it has lotsa different toppings such as nori powder, chilli powder, minced meat sauce, honey mustard etc and it it a huge serving.

LOLed at the quote there. for those who dont read chinese, it said "(someone idk) said: there are only two things in this world that cannot be taken as a joking matter. 1. marriage 2. potatoes" and apparently malaysia has this shop, which is in kl..

to prove that i have set foot here. hahaha nice or not? i need confirmation about my photography skills know...

i was skipping and talking to my mom and suddenly turned to my back and saw this "OMG GOT RAINBOW!!!" hahhaha and snap snap snap. i think i was one of the first to see it cause after i took a few i see people starting to stop and talk picture of it. very clear right? all the colors super clear damn pretty lah!

another one :D

view from eslite 

expensive shit

late evening

see, so many trees hahaha


before i sleep

hello kitty and leopard prints T_T 

hello i am happy kid

goodnight! (:


good morning! (: i saw a freaking interesting (to me) shop that day! will share later.

did i mentioned that this apartment is full of mirrors? i think i did, in one of my tweets.

Le Red House Theater (RHT). we are staying behind this.

in the beer garden (like danga bay)

RHT! everyday i see people taking photos of it/with it. 

apparently, this is a very famous o ah misua (oyster misua) restaurant but my say shilin in malaysia is better. idk cause i dont eat this stuff. ugh :/

walked around and went into this shoes shop and stayed for almost an hour -.- count the shoes on the floor and the boxes and you'll know why. hahahhaa. 6 belongs to my mom! one mine and one my grandma (her size same as mine) mine was another running shoes i find super chio. its the same type with the purple and pink ones on the picture but in bright red :D

mom bought coffee again. say this also famous worrr

all types of coffee beans!

coffee brewing machines

another grinding machine

all for brewing coffee

had Luwei in this shop cause they said its awesome. so we bought a piece of tofu and UGH not our taste! its cold and hard and ... weird. but its one of their street food and its everyone so you can try if you want but i'm not gonna have them.

HEEHEE LEOPARD PRINTS ARE LOVEEEEEEE bought the pink medium sized luggage for 1200twd only! here i think its gonna be rm300 or more. hard case, matte summo. the bag is super loved! i think its 390twd but its big and short furred! :D 

went to have a look inside the RHT and saw this thing. do you know what is it? 

its an ancient typing machine for newspaper! spot the chinese words! the squares are like the keys on our keyboard but they have to insert one by one :O /dead/

so cute!




its robots!

all made from computer parts

its all handmade by the boss and none of it can be exactly the same

so cute right?!! the head, hands and legs can move summo! the boss say she can finish this in two hours :O *salute*

handmade by using computer parts

taipei 101 ! also using computer parts! why so clever one!!!

retro tv hahaha

this are all wishes

also wishes

then went to Taipei Main Station again to go to the sm everysing shop to help kim and xyn buy their exo albums LOL. ate this waffle in a shop in the underpass yummy toppings but the waffle are ready made so it kinda cut points 

what i do to find my way around but dont have map -- take a picture of it in the mrt station. hahahhaa

taken by the boss of the apartment. she very funny one lah.

got this chop from sm everysing. i missed KEY's by one day! haih sad case, if only i went the day before. 

to be continued ......

stay tuned for the Taiwan III and the hello kitty haul post! :D
goodnight, with love, ME! 

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