Aug 24, 2012

Super Junior

Nail Tutorial

"This post is dedicated to the world biggest fanclub. The ELF. My sisters, my family"
- edited From U. 

I think I should start watermarking my nail artwork. Just in case.

Things you'll need:
1. Pearl sapphire blue (cox its the SJ official colour)
2. White
3. Glittery polish
4. Black
5. Red
6. Yellow
7. Dotting tool
8. Thin brush

I used arcylic paint to write these. It means "SU JU"
Used a dotting tool to make a small dot using the glittery polish on my pinky.

Time to draw the superman logo.
Draw a diamond shape on your thumb with yellow and fill in to make it look nicer.

Using a thin brush, outline the yellow diamond with red lines.

Write a letter "S" on it. 

Draw the shape above on your ring finger.

Draw lines to make a diamond shape.
Apply top coat and you're done!

Now you can haz a Super Junior inspired nails that you can wear to their concert! :D

Have fun! ^^

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