Jul 30, 2013

Dream #2

Ok since I'm on the mrt now and have nothing to do (lost my ear piece wtf). I'll blog about the dream I had last night. A short one cause I only rmb a bit of it but nice one (at least for me lah). Would you all be interested in what I dream about? Cause since I have nothing interesting to blog about now haha. I'll just tell you all my dream. Tell me if you would like it or not ok? (:

Ok so, last night I dreamt that I was a mermaid & I can turn into human form whenever I want to. This time when I went on land, there's this cute ang moh who fell in love with me and wants me to be his gf but he had no experience at all. Then, his father came to me to told me about it and asked me if I would be his gf. Since he is cute and is caucasian, I agreed so. On our first date, he brought me out to have chicken rice. He was shaking when he talked to me and was so shy to over come near me. It was all very formal and I had to make the first move to go hold his hand and talk to him. Omg, he is so cute when he give his shy smile. His golden curly hair is freaking cute as well. When he held my finger (goodness knows why he is only holding my pointer finger), he held is damn tight and I could feel him trembling. He was even stuttering when he spoke to me. How adorable. Then we went somewhere else and I forgot what happened hahaha. 

The end lah. 
Here is my face to end this post. I'm reaching my station. Baiii! 

See you soon! 

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