Jul 25, 2013


Sorry for not updating this space for awhile. Trust me, I haven't forgotten here. Things has been a little rough for me recently and has no mood to blog, or do my work properly. Or do anything properly, most of the time I just feel like a walking zombie and I just wanna sleep. Or if I'm in school I just wanna laugh and forget all my worries and troubles. Above all, I'm still fine and trying to cope being alone in sg without my family and my beloved, warm and safe bed...

Also, I've been a little self conscious and having low self esteem on my looks recently. I think Imma start applying make up for cover up that pale, dark eye ringed, tired face of mine. Time to buy some eyelashes, I wanna have pretty, big eyes like those japanese girls. I wanna start looking pretty like a doll. Like, dakota koti.

And, this Joy ah, tempted me with her $25(?) victoria secret set of fragrance. Dunno when are we going to do our eyebrows.

Cant wait for nothing-to-do holidays to come.

BTW, CY's coming back tmw!

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