Jul 14, 2013

Crazy Trends

Wanted to rant about how so many people (as in those that I saw on FB, twitter, Instagram, irl or wherever) are suddenly crazy about stuffs I love long time ago but eventually deleted them off cause I sound ridiculous and you people may think I'm too proud or wtv. Stuff as in Hello Kitty, minions, studs, kpop, dip dye, blogging......

I cant stand it when everyone is being like that, at first when I like these stuff they're like, pfffft. LOL. Look whats trending now and who is crazy over them? 

I don't know what else to say/do other than scoffing at these people. It annoys me too much. Next time, I bet stripes would become another big trend. 

ANYWAY. I have many nice selcas that I wanna post but I think it would be spamming instagram so here is a photo of me that I took just now hahaha. Idky ah, don't like showing my teeth recently. 

Bye. Be back soon! :-*

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