Feb 25, 2013

Uncle Tom's Tavern


It was a Sunday. The cafeteria in church was on a hiatus so everyone had to head out for lunch.
Was discussing with my mom whats for lunch when BFF told us about this place. Uncle Tom's Tavern at err Plentong? It's one of the shops beside Tesco (old Macro) I'm bad at places. Anyway, I don't think it's very nice so if you want you can just skip this post.

When I first stepped into the restaurant, I'm like. Oh nubad. Quite like the ambience cause there's not many people & quite quiet.

Mushroom soup. I think it's quite nice but very normal. Taste like Pizza Hut's mushroom soup lor.

Mine. Taste very meh. I dont know what kind of pasta they use but it certainly DOES NOT taste like spaghetti. The sauce taste a little sour. But the chicken is nice.

OK la. I give bonus point and credit for okay service, good ambience and nice looking food.

Service I rate okay is because I guess they have only 1 chef so the food comes a bit slow.



The weather is so cold I really doubt if this is JB.

Taken with my mom's Note 2. Damn clear lah omg.

When I say I am cold....

Hahaha. bye! (:

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