Feb 20, 2013

Chor Yat

Like every other Chinese family, I had reunion dinner with my family too. But unlike most family & my usual reunion dinner, I had mine with both my paternal and maternal families all together over at my house. How to cook for soooo many people? You ask. Easy peasy. You all cook for yourself. Nice or not nice, overcook or undercook it's all your problem because we're having steamboat! My mom is really a pro at preparing steamboat. A week before Chor Yat she already got alllll the food except for vegetables ready. (Vegetables cannot keep too long, later spoil)

Gettin ready..

Plastic & half the food on..

14 chairs. Wipe until I siao T^T

Then I went upstairs to get a random selca for this post hahaha

Here's another LOL vain.

Then we had our dinner but I didn't bother to take any picture cause I was famished & hence busy eating :p Anyway, I guess ya'll can just imagine how the food look like lah. I don't need to put any food pictures here to make ya'll hungry or crave for steamboat. I'm very considerate, I know. You're welcome. After that we (as in my younger cousins) played with the fireworks outside my house *cues Firework by Katy Perry* 

I tried to take decent firework picture but I think they are all too fast for my iPhone to capture ):
Needs a good camera!


"I now look like this instead of being just paper & sand & a lot of mess"

What do ya'll think of the new 'pop pop'? I dont know since when has it changed to this plastic straw thingy.. thing. But I hate it! Its weird and ugly and hard to pop. Also, It makes a real HUGE mess with the white powder in it.

Proof. My back almost broke sweeping up the whole place.

As they continue to play, 

I took the responsibility to look after them to make sure no cars knock them down *CHOI!!!* 

After everyone went home, I bathed & went down to sweep the floor fml.

Angpau of the night. It's the though that counts.

How was your chor yat? (:
CNY isn't over yet, Happy New Year again!

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