Feb 22, 2013


I didn't really went anywhere or did anything for CNY this year (actually, every year). So here is a compilation of everything I did during CNY.

OOTD for the 1st day of CNY

As usual, indian meal for lunch lol. Ordered nasi bryani & omg super spicy. I simply cannot tahan spicy food.

Went home & took polaroids with the love of my life. hahaha


OOTD for the 2nd day although I didnt went anywhere at all. haha
It was cold everyday! ):

Dinner: steamboat with the maternal family as usual.

OOTD for 3rd day. Going to my grandmother's house.

Taken with my cousin sister's iPhone 5's front camera. HOW CAN IT BE SO CLEARRRR.



Went shopping for some stuff at The Zon and passed by this cheongsam shop & my mom almost bought this for me. hahahah. I could never imagine myself in cheongsam cause I think it's weird but I guess I look okay in it.

Went to Stulang Laut after that cause my maid says she wanna 'tengok laut' LOLOL

Me. looking spastic. 

Haul of the day (;

At night,


The cousins and I went over to Show Planet in Mount Austin for karaoke session.
But I only sang 4 songs cause the songs they picked are mainly chinese songs that I am not familiar with. English songs are those that are really really old like, Fall for you by Secondhand Serenade. Which someone sang for me when I was 13 LOL I feel so old now.

Anyway, I reached home at 3.20am that day. My first time ever reached home so late after partying. Hehe :p


OOTD for the 5th day. Which was also V day.

Had steamboat for dinner again fml.

Yep. My CNY was basically like this. I never play a lot of mahjong this year cause no one can accompany me. Sien ttm ): Never play blackjack also cause all those that play die die also wanna gamble de. I don't gamble so I can only see ~.~ Chor Dai Di also la. All say forgot how to play. Or else only got 2 people (including me) can play. 2 people how to play Chor Dai Di!?!!! Haih, suan le bah. CNY is gonna be over soon. Must get more ang pau while it's still CNY :p

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