Feb 1, 2013


I decided to only dye my hair after all. 

I'm officially half a redhead now

Dyed the bottom half of my head red cause dip dye is too mainstream. Ugh about dip dye, I'm gonna rant about this again. Since form 3 I already love dip dye & think it's super chio. But when I told other people about it, they're like 'ugh nice meh? where got people so weird dye only the tips of your hair one? wanna dye then dye your whole head la! dont waste money -.-' FINEEEE. You all don't like, better. Next time when I graduate & dye it, mine will be special. hrmp!

Then now, when I can FINALLY dye my hair, DIP DYE IS FUCKING EVERYWHERE AND EVERYONE IS FUCKING DOING DIP DYE!!! I mean, fts you all used to say I'm weird for liking dip dye & now you all fucking crazy about it!?!!! WHHUUUUUTT!?!!!!! YOU TELL ME. So now you all are the weird people la? walao.

I hate this lor, now I don't feel like doing dip dye anymore cause you know why? People will say that I am just following the trend & you know what? BITCH PLEASE I AM AHEAD OF THE TREND JUST THAT I COULDN'T DO IT YET. FYL TYVM. Next time, people will start doing what I am doing & I'll be in another trend again. YOU'RE WELCOME. I am fabulous. bye.

I fucking love my hair now.

Thanks to the guys in IZ hair studio.
No.28, Jalan Pingai, Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru, 80400, Johor Bahru, Johor
Tel: 07-332 0979

*opposite leisure mall. same row with Justart*

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