Feb 8, 2013

Shopping. Again.

Messy hair cause I don't care. Pale face cause I'm not feeling 100%.

So after a super duper long time, finally decided to met up with honeybees together with KW & KJ at KSL. Their initial plan was to watch a movie but I think because of me they didn't watch *guilty* Very long story lah, summary is they don't feel safe for me to go shopping alone (which is totally fine with me cause it's not the first time for me!) Even so, I'm thankful for such friends ♡

I was in a shopping mood for a few days & found a chance to finally get out of the house to go shopping. And here is my haul.

Wardrobe Fashion

Two Nine Fashion

In love with hoodies with ears recently :p

Camden Town

Beauty Credit

Realised that all my clothes are long sleeved! hahaha, super in love with long sleeve tops recently. Look, even my OOTD is long sleeved LOL the following photos will be my vain selcas thanks.

weird smile here LOL


Oh wait, before you go, do listen to this cute song! :D

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