Dec 30, 2013

La Vie

Well hello there.

It's a night post again.

As you have seen from my title -- La Vie, which means the life, in french, I'm talking about my life. The life, actually. The life I want, to be specific.

So, what do I want in my life?
What is THE LIFE that I'm craving for?

Probably due to my current boring school life, or because I am an 18 year old youngest daughter of my protective parents and sisters, I somehow crave for an adventurous life.

Yeah, I know. But a girl can dream right?

I'm always dream of how would it be like to have a very happening life.

To be an air stewardess to be travelling all over the world.
To be a cover model taking photoshoots for magazines and advertisements.
To be a make up artist making people even prettier.
To be a dancer joining all sorts of dance battles.
To be a singer performing on stage to many people.
To be an actress trying out many different characters.
To be a photographer taking photos of beautiful sceneries everywhere.
To be a fashion designer designing clothes to be shown on the runway.

I, I don't really want a quiet peaceful life.
For me, I'm only young once and I don't wanna grow old regretting not doing any of the things that I wanted to do. I can have the quite boring life when I am old and not able to walk anymore. I'd then tell my grandchildren what i did when I was young and to tell them to do the same as I did because if they don't, they'll soon be old like me, without much time left and energy to do so.

2013, haven't been the greatest like I always thought it would be, due to being 18 years old. Actually, 2013 sucked ttm. For my close friends to know, I had a real sucky year. But however sucky it was, I managed to tick off half of my list.

1. This blog to become popular / instagram hit 1k followers / twitter 500 followers
2. Attend a countdown party 
3. Go to Disney Land / Sanrio Land
4. Go to Korea / Greece / Japan
5. Keep my hair long
6. See the Eiffel Tower (Go to Paris)
7. Date someone
8. Dancing on water
9. Sleeping under the stars
10. See my bias 

Haven't been able to travel this year, but it's okay. It's gonna be 2014 in 3 days, in 3 days, it's been a whole new year to start. So, have you all set your new years' resolution? I haven't really done mine yet. But here is a draft of it.

1. Instagram 2.5k (currently 1.7+k, almost 1.8k)
2. Splits. (lost them and my flexibility!)
3. ZR1000/TR150
4. FBO to go well.
5. Go to church more often.
6. Directors's list (WHO AM I KIDDING WTF)

hahaha stupid list, i know but it keeps me going. Just so I can have the sense of archievement of ticking it off every year (:

ok, going off bye.
(oh I saw this pencil case or whatever case it is at *scape that day that says xoxo, so tempted to buy but I know I woudn't us it so yeah hahaha)

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