Dec 1, 2013

Little things

So bored of doing my homework already! So, here is an update hahaha. 

Bucket list with my boyfriend/husband.

1. Record a song. 
2. Sleep under the stars/moon.
3. Cook a meal. 
4. Go to disneyland.
5. Go on a picnic.
6. Cuddle.
7. Movie marathon.
8. Decorate a room.
9. Take funny polaroid/purikura photos.
10. Go to europe. 
11. Do manicure or pedicure for each other. 
12. Fly a kite. 
13. Draw a portrait of each other. 
14. Paint fight. 
15. Play an instrument. 
16. Go to gym. 
17. Clean the house. 
18. Bake something. 
19. Elope for a day or two. 
20. Own a shared blog or instagram account. 

HAHAHA. A girl can dream right? I'm still looking for someone who would be willing to do these with me. And can tahan my stupidness and also me being super close with my male bffs. And also someone who would be my best friend as well as my lover. Not the time yet, but i believe when the time is ripe, god will surely give me one. So for now, I would just be enjoying the company of my friends and bury myself in assignments. 

Goodnight everyone, xoxo. 

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