Nov 27, 2013

Long time no see

long time no see
long long time now see
long time no see

if you heard TOP's doom dada you'd be singing those words above this sentence.

so heyyyyy wassup you guys! :D
I've just done my presentation ppt and I swear the new transition and animation stuff are all damn cool.
You should all go and play around with it. Mine is the 2010 version btw (:

So, it's wednesday. Half a week is gone, again. In 2 weeks, I'd be having my beeeeeeeautiful christmas holidays and I'm so eggcited about it hehehe. For like after 2 years, I'm finally going to a church camp. Too old for teenz camp now, I've 'upgraded' to TF camp whoop whoop. I'm actually looking more forward to the late night fun and on the bus fun. Never been to TF before, heard from laura that its really fun, much more different than teenz camp and the best thing? We dont need wake up early. WHAAAAT!?!Camp, sleep late? whuuut. Ok I'm a little cray cray now idk why..

Actually I do know why, I'm high when I'm tired.
It's a crime scene in my pants now so yeah dang it.

Believe it or not I've already planned out my holiday. This is my list:
1. TF Camp!
2. Go on a getaway with the 2 bees.
3. Adventure cove
4. SEA Aquarium
5. Zoo
6. Picnic
7. Sing K
8. Bake
9. Pedicure
10. Decorate my room.

My mom bought me my favourite thing on earth last week, christmas lights!!! To hang in my room like this,

Yeah, i'm gonna complete it with some nice words/quotes and posters and polaroid photos and my selcas that I printed out and yepp it's gonna be awesome and maybe i'd then do a room tour. A few people had been asking for them since like idk when hahahah, dont worry I havent forget about them!

Enough of craaaap.
I'm off of beeeeeeed. My lovely pillow is awaiting mehhh. My roommate is like, long asleep while I was still doing my ppt. Trust me, it's not even 11 yet hahahhaa.
Nights! xoxo.

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