Nov 14, 2013

Nothing, just nonsense.

Hi, here's a rare photo of me wearing spectacles.

I now have started to never feel guilty about not blogging anymore :x
It's not that I'm too lazy or what, I just don't have anything much to say.
School is normal, life is normal, Singapore is normal, Malaysia is normal..

So, what else can I blog about?
My life is soooo uninteresting right now.
I've nothing to blog about (apart from requested hair style post which I am still procrastinating about them).

My life right now, every single week is:
Weekdays -> wake up, go to school, come home, dinner, do homework, sleep
Saturday -> wake up, slack/do homework/annoy my mom a bit, dinner, slack, sleep
Sunday -> wake up, church stuff, go home, dinner, back to singapore

I miss my honeybees, I miss hanging out with them D:
I want a getaway to idk, a chalet or hotel or something.
Just do girls stuff like, eating chatting laughing swimming sleeping camhoing slacking movies pedicures..
College had made us separate and I miss both of them badly..
I miss seeing them and talking to them everyday and never got sick of it..

Ahhh, right now I'm just slacking on my bed typing this and intend to watch running man after this.
I should be doing my work but nevermind, still have time, maybe after an episode......

I've been stalking EXO lately and erm I suddenly think baekhyun and chanyeol are too cute.
This boy group ah, damn teruk. Too many hot guys...
I wonder how SM manages to find all these hot stuff to put in TVXQ SuJu SHINee and EXO.
And the girls too.

As much as I like YG (BB & 2NE1) , I think I still like SM artiste the best.

Oh, and who said I have nothing to blog about, look at all the blabbers and nonsense I typed.

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