Nov 7, 2013

Thursday Updates - Fan Girl.


Wassup people.

I've been neglecting this space for awhile.

Had been lazy.

Before anything else, I've been hooked on this song since this morning.

我閉上眼睛 貼著你心跳呼吸
而此刻地球 只剩我們而已
你微笑的唇型 總勾著我的心
每一秒初吻 我每一秒都想要吻你

就這樣 愛你愛你愛你 隨時都要一起
我喜歡 愛你外套味道 還有你的懷裡
把我們 衣服鈕扣互扣 那就不用分離
美好愛情 我就愛這樣貼近 因為你

有時沒生氣 故意鬧脾氣
你的緊張在意 讓我覺得安心
從你某個角度 我總看見自己
到底你懂我 或其實我本來就像你

Repeat Chorus

想變成你的氧氣 溜進你身體裡
你有多麼寶貝 我愛你

Repeat Chorus

我們愛情 會一直沒有距離 最美麗


Anyway, life's been not bad I guess. Probably my friends read my blog cause right after I posted that we went back being like how we were before. Or maybe I was just over thinking, again.

Homework was okay too. Had fun taking photos for studio work. And if you followed me on Instagram (@felindabling), you would have saw my drawing of my moving castle. If not, here is a photo of it.

Went and buy materials from Art Friend with MF (my roommate) and other classmates at at orchard and one of my friend's bf came and find her. I was shocked when I saw him cause he look scarily exactly like someone I know, yet I cannot put a finger to it. In the end, I remembered that face and went to find on facebook to find that he was just a guy that look crazily alike with my ex senior in SSI. Even MF thought that looked alike! 

Today's lesson was boring. Ergonomics. Lesson from 9-11am only. Had maggie mee for lunch with eunice and ta pao for XH joyjoy & ger cause they still having lesson. Eunice and I carried  4 cups of cup noodlesand walked from cheers to our class to find that ALAN is in class wth. So we had to eat outside studio and it was damn embarrassing cause people keep passing by and I'm sure they'd think we are cray cray cause eunice and I had 4 cups of noodles with us /.\ their noodles became all dry but we cant help them, well, we walked halfway to class and decided that they soup was too little and it'll be too dry and actually took the effort to walk back to cheers to refill hot water. After awhile, 3 of them sneaked out from the class and ate a few mouthful of noodle and ran back into class cause ALAN was looking for them hahahahaa.

After eating, eunice and I went and bought the pink magnum from cheers. It's so expensive T^T but it's so nice. Champagne flavour! and it's pink! and JB don't have! Actually wanted to try the black one cause like very cool but then it's expresso. Scared too bitter :/ 

Then I went home and sleep and did some homework for colour studies that doesnt link to colours at all wth weird LARRY is weird (*note that I mention my lecturer's name in Caps so that you all know they are not my friends). 


Oh, also, I've been raving and obsessed about this Japanese guy (real people, not some kind of pop idol or anime character, I promise) on twitter (@felindabling) who is bongqiuqiu's hair stylist at cleo - shiotsuka harutaka. Why? 

Because, i was him at JB central and I kena electric shocked. LOLOLOL

I was sitting at starbucks waiting for MF to go back singapore together when I spotted this guy with Japanese fashion (shades, long wavy black hair, moustache, super baggy black polka dotted pants, white top and a hat) and I saw another 3-4 guys following him behind. Then shio looked over at my direction and I gasped. wtf, it's shio *screams in brain* *omgasdfgghjkl so handsome irl!!!!!!* and I tweeted I saw him with my hands shaking. I felt like I saw a celebrity and I can hardly contain my excitement. I wanted to run up to him and ask if he is shio eventhough I am 100% he is shio. 

After I reach my room in sg, I posted a photo on instagram saying I saw shio and tagged him. To my surprise, HE LIKED AND REPLIED MEEEEEEE!!!! I was totally flabbergasted. I was in class then. I almost screamed and jumped up my seat, I felt like eunhyuk replied my tweet hahahahaha and you all know how much I like eunhyuk. Shit I have a thing for older foreign country men. hahahaha sorry local guys. 

And then in the evening, I saw this:

This is the guy who was wearing the japanese fashion that I mentioned just now.

And at night, I was stalking qq in hopes to find photos of shio when I saw the link to cleo's fb page. Clicked in and I found their facebook account :/

I'm such a stalker. Beware. HAHAHHAHAHAHA

Contemplating if I should add to which MF said, just add lah, nvm one mah hahaha and after watching an episode of Running man, I came back to facebook and saw these *silent screams*

Not enough?
This is what happened this evening.
I saw qq tweeting that she's going to cleo to do her hair and I just anyhow tweeted this, not holding hopes that she would see it. AND THEN.

SAY WHAAAAAAAT!?!!! (whaaaaaat is my current favourite phase)

Ok, girls, go away yah, shio likes me, shio iz mine

(but I actually like the idea of having a hair stylist for a husband/boyfriend - free hair treatment, you know)

be right back while I scream into my pillow.

Ok, I'm back.

I actually thought of just dropping by cleo today (cause joyjoy and ger is going marina to take photos) in hopes to getting a glimpse of him :x but I never go lah cause my contact lens too dry, need to go back badly to dispose them. But I rub rub my eyes and then they came out on the mrt, so I walked back half blind hahaha

And so, this is the story of me fangirling.

(This girl ah, damn teruk.)

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