Dec 27, 2013

have you ever...

have anyone of you had this feeling before?
one minute you're happy and another minute you saw something you don't wanna see and your mood instantly turns bad.

(im not even bothering abt grammar spelling and punctuation and spacing and paragraphs now)

this year had been super roller coaster to me. but at the end of the year, i realized its probably a test from god. and god's way of asking me  to go back to him (not as in die lah of course).

if you were to ask me what happened, tbh. i really dunno whats going on.
all i know was my life has been up and down a lot in a fast speed.
one day im in the sky and another day im in the mud pit with pigs (no offence, pigs)

it could be abt friends or relationships or school or my emotions
its like its all messed up
my life is all messed up

and right now, when i first started typing this paragraph for some reasons i was in the verge of tears
then now im feeling better again probably because of some friends who never abandoned be despite all the shitty crap i went through and ranted abt to them. fyi im always spamming them whenever i got angry or upset or happy or anything. well, they usually just ignore me (stares angrily at you all) but you know i still love you all.

anyway, since im feeling better now i thought i might just finish up my homework that i was doing halfway until i decided to rant  bit here.

just to let you all know im not an emotionless robot who just types random stuff and not feel anything
i do have stuff going around my life
its not actually as boring as i always made it sound like

oh well, i guess i typed quite a bit of stuff here. gg off soon
heart you all

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