Dec 31, 2013

2014, Loading...

Hi there dearies, so, how was your 2013?
As I said in my last post, mine sucked but I'm not gonna elaborate on that.
But as sucky as it seems to be, it was a not bad year too *counts blessings*

So, there usual year end post, here is a short summary of what I did this year! (:

Went to Lasalle and NAFA's open house.
Click here to read about it. I might go again this year for fun. IDK hahaha.

Photo shoot for mom's friends's friend for her shop banner *shy*

Dyed my bottom half hair red for CNY!

Met Kim Jong Kook!
Click here to read about it :D

Got sponsored a camera ZR700
Click here to read about it.

Went back to SSI for Hari Koko!

Officially started school in NYP.

Prayed a lot of Malaysia (changing govenment)

End of 1st semester, end of first time submissions (:

Nose bleed a loooooooot and went to see the doctor to get 7 different types of medicine ):

GD OOAK Concert In Singapore!
Click here to read about it :D

Super Show 5 in Singapore!!!
Click here to read about it :D

Went to Hk Town in Johor but couldn't get inside due to sold out tickets ):

Did hair extensions that dropped after 2 days to a week.

Baked macaroons for the first time

Had my first outdoor photo-shoot.

Baked rainbow cupcakes!
Read about it here.

celebrated darling Travis's 2nd birthday.

Second outdoor photo-shoot at night!

Celebrated my 18th birthday at my house with a few people.

Started my online shop, Fashion Bling Online.

Fan girled over Shio wtf hahaha

Celebrated CY's birthday

Broke up.

Model submission that I'm very proud of hahaha. Will post the photos next time!

TF camp!

Celebrated Christmas at church and it was all awesome.

And right now, I'm getting ready to meet Lee Hom for count down. Cheh cheh like my friend hahaha.

GTG bye everyone,
thank you for reading all these and hopefully you'll be here to read next year's year end post too :D

Sending a lot of love to my loyal readers.

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