Jan 2, 2014

My Christmas ♥

I know I'm super late but uhm, merry christmas? hahaha whoops. overdue much.

Christmas 2013 had been a really great one. Had been missing out quite a bit for the past few years since I last performed. This year, although it had been real hectic and busy, it was really fun too. I love dance practices and performing. You ask if I get nervous, yes, of course I do. Especially before I go up on the stage but when I start dancing, I felt like there is no one staring, just like a normal practice, except that I smile more and do better than in practices. As tiring as it was, it was worth it. I loved every minute of it. I think I'm born to perform hahaha ok I keed, I do not think so highly of myself k. *eats a humble pie*

Look at the christmas tree at my house! :D
Full of presents but non are mine, like really, not at all ):
I had to buy my own presents with my own money hahaha you know, to me, from me LOLOL

Super pretty colours! HAHA, sorry for those who ate the cake pop I made, this was how it was made. Crushed by hands. lots of colouring, but it was yummy and pretty right! Everyone says it was. I didn't eat any of them though so idk how it tastes like.

on 22nd dec, i went to church's first christmas rally. it was great but the balloons on my side never fall due to some issues so we had to wait for the opposite side to hit the balloons over to our side. I never even bothered to take any photos of it hahaha whoops

Emma and I ♥♥♥

Ryan! ♥ and a photo bombing Jack -.-

I swear I can never get a decent photo with him as long as other people are around... Spot emma! haha

Finally (close enough to decent) with Jack's fingers pushing our face together wth kacau

I didn't even bother to take any with Jack cause he is a pain in the ass for disturbing, tsk.

Shauny! :D

And eugennanana haha, this was taken with her phone, hence the photo difference.

24th December, Christmas eve!

Annual family Christmas eve dinner!

Twas gooooood. I love the pasta. The turkey was a bit hard though. Oh ya, the soup was good too, so was the log cake! it was a fruit log cake, my favourite! I love fruit cakes haha, if anyone is wondering.

After that, I went to church for the countdown to christmas. it was my first time ever counting down in church as I always had family dinner and then got lazy to go out haha but this year, I went, well, for fun.

Taken with Tiff's ipad. With the people I haven't been catching up for a super long time since I started poly. Except for jack (the guy squatting, if you wanna know) and ryan who i see and hang out with almost every week since they are both BFF.

After the countdown, ryan and I went over to ucha and JJ to find emma and her bf. Guess what was our christmas present from ryan?

This. From the egg machine (mine's the left). How cute. Please sense my sarcasm. LOL ok lah kidding, I like it k. It's now hanging on my phone case.

Oh and also, ryan belanja supper hehehe. mcd is love.

me, food coma.

Next day,christmas day!
Emma and I called ryan since 6am and he only appeared in church at like, 8+. wth, wasted my credit to the voicemail woman!!! more than 20 calls and I gave up at 7am. We cant be bothered and decided to let him just be late, well we don't blame him, he had a long day on the eve.


breakfast timeee

While most of the girls have went for make up, the guys were just chilling.

yay me, with thick eyebrows LOL sucha lame caption.

Soulmate ♥

Hello, I'm a Persian princess today. JK. Just dancing a Persian dance that people kept mistaking as indian song.

And as usual, before the service starts, it's photo time hehehe

After the first dance performance (persian), we all rushed to change our clothes and to braid our hair at the backstage. Turns out we were really fast and only took like 5 minutes to change and braid haha.

and TADA, me! with emma trying to photobomb me lol

Luther is the cutest thing everrrrr. (kid on the right)

Complete group photo with all the dancers in (and an additional kelefeh) 

And because 1 is never enough.

I wish we have a close up video of us dancing for me to share here but alas we don't. We really should have asked someone to the it for us.

After lunch with mom and grandma, we went home and since it's not everyday that I have this much make up on my face, I took like 50 photos and these were the only decent ones.

Look at that eyeliner! i really like this, it makes my eyes look so long and big hahaha, should have worn my enlarging lens that day.

my braid :D i tried this myself, fyi.

bling bling on felinda bling ♥

At night, we went out for dinner at rosmarino. the initial plan was to go TGIF but then I was hungry and we were nearer to rosmarino so yeah..

back to being the barefaced me heh

my hair looks so long here

My drink! I love sparkling juice (after orange juice) and this was a really nice one!

Didnt bother to take a phto of my pasta cause it actually looks like bak chor mee lolol. An atas bak chor mee. 

Ending this post with me and a christmas tree!


signing off,

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